kHoff – Agoraphobia [Free DL]

When we think of some of the huge up and coming talented Dubstep producers one automatically comes to mind, and that’s kHoff. The young producer located out of Hanover, MA has been putting out filthy bangers one after another, not to exclude his latest upload “Agoraphobia” which is available for free download on his soundcloud. The track lures you in with a captivating intro then smashes you suddendly into a world of ear bleeding filth not too uncommon in kHoff’s sound. He ties it all together with flawless synth work and groovy basslines. Be sure to pick up this track which is available for free and check out kHoff’s upcoming release “Troll Face” on Lifestyle Recordings. If you wish to see kHoff Live he will be performing with Borgore, Terravita, and Codiac on June 1, 2011 @ The Middle East in Cambridge, MA

kHoff on SoundCloud

kHoff on Facebook 

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