Mega Man (Original Mix) – Dskotek [FREE DL]

Dskotek is a DJ/Producer duo comprised of Jesse Hernandez & Alek Sardo, hailing from Los Angeles, California. When we think of L.A we automatically think of the EDM Melting Pot that has developed there over the past few years. With all the new up and coming artists emerging from the area it makes it very difficult to focus on a couple of them especially just one, but yet Dskotek continues to stick out like a sore thumb. Dskotek were one of the first non Macro Records artists to remix a Macro Records track. Their remix of Mandamento Novo by Downlow’d + MAD-SIN remains as one of the major landmarks of Macro Records history. Their track “Mega Man” was released as a free download today. What starts off as a simple Electro House track soon turns into a banger. It boasts  insanely original lead sounds all tied together with the Mega Man feel then crushes it with a banging Electro drop similar to those of Lazy Rich, Darth & Vader, and many other talented Electro House acts out there. The whole time spent listening has the ability to take you into Mega Man’s world, and carries the captivating feeling of being part of the actual video game. One thing is for sure this track will remain on our playlists for a while, and we hope it can do the same for you. Free download via the soundcloud player below.

Mega Man (Original Mix) – Dskotek

Mandmaento Novo (Dskotek Remix)

Machine (Original Mix) – Dskotek

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