Unleash The F***in’ Dada (Dirtyloud Remix) – Dada Life [FREE DL]

When we think of the revolutionary sound of Electro that has emerged from the deep jungles of Brazil over these past couple of years, many people come to mind but only one group sticks out, and that’s Dirtyloud. Hailing from the epicenter of Brazilian action “Belo Horizonte”,  the group boasts fans big and small all over the world including some other great acts such as David Guetta. They are constantly receiving massive support and refuse to put out tracks that aren’t sure to climb the charts. Their latest bootleg is of the Dada Life track “Unleash the F***in’ Dada”. The remix takes the original track, adds that notoriously dirty Brazilian sound, some Dirtyloud flare, and boom there you have it, one of the hottest tracks of the summer. You are sure to be hearing this track on dancefloors across the globe. You can download the track for free via the SoundCloud player below.

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