Digitially Imported Radio – MissDVS – ElectroSexual 018 (June 2011) Feat. DIGIRAATII

ElectroSexual 018 Feat. powerhouse group DIGIRAATII.  DIGIRAATII emerged onto the electronic music scene, in early 2009, not with a bang but with a sonic boom. Establishing themselves, from the start, as electronic music’s own “digital elite” or digerati.They quickly made a name for themselves by causing a near panic every time they hit the decks, equipped with their throbbing bass lines and frantic melodies. Fueled by hype generated from their two-time, number one position on Hype Machine (Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll DIGIRAATII remix), as well as a recent feature on the Mishka Blog, DIGIRAATII began tearing down clubs all over the Country With a live performance more akin to a hardcore punk show than an electronic act, they take you on a journey from 130 to 175 Beats Per Minute with effortless transitions and enough double-drops to make your neck snap. For the DIGIRAATII boys, no genre (or level of debauchery for that matter) is off limits. It is this incredible versatility that makes DIGIRAATII first on the list of performers sought after to help pack a dance floor and cause a frenzy. Having shared the stage with everyone from Dubstep’s dark lords Deathface and Datsik, to electro pop phenoms Designer Drugs, Data, and Frankmusik. Influenced by everything from Drum & Bass to Indie Dance Rock and Post Punk, they’re production style is every bit as heavy as it is melodic, working sounds from all over the EDM spectrum into one concise dance-floor slaughtering package. They’ve landed on a very detailed, intricate, and heavily layered brand of Electro, a far cry from the “Bangers” on which they first made their mark. Recently, they’ve incorporate the musical stylings of Electro House, Dubstep and Drum & Bass into their own massive, big room, super-genre. However you choose classify it, one thing is for certain, the sound is heavy, infectious, and refreshing in a market overly saturated with unimaginative and unexciting production. In 2010, DIGIRAATII, now a two-man operation (Zucco and Young), was signed to Killpop Records by West Coast tastemaker/So Sweet Records Co-Founder Eli Smith, and UK Billboard Top 100 Electropop superstar, Frankmusik.Immediately following the signing, they embarked on a multi-city West Coast tour featuring dates in Los Angeles alongside Major Lazer at Avalon/Bardot, as well as Florentine Gardens, and even making a stop to tear down Steve Aoki’s famed Dim Mak Tuesday’s. Currently they are putting the finishing touches on their debut EP, “Drop City,” slated for release on Beatport, iTunes, and other Internet retailers in December, as well as working on commissioned remixes for Crystal Vision and Franmkusik amongst others. Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of fresh heaters, and even more original production in the pipeline, it appears that these two Midwest party monsters are about to permanently make their mark on the EDM community, and do some major damage to the nightclubs all over the world, unfortunate enough to have to host them on a nightly basis

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