Sensual Seduction (Wick-It Bootleg) – Snoop Dogg [FREE DL]

Wick-It residing out of Nashville, TN really knows how to please his fans. A massive 60+ free releases in the past year and this next one is probably one of the best ones that I’ve heard. They range anywhere from, Hip-Hop Mash-Up’s, to filthy Drumstep/Dubstep Bootlegs, sure to smash whatever dancefloor you chose to throw them at. Wick-It is slowly but surely making a name for himself, I expect to be seeing some massive things from this artist in the very near future. Free download from the player below, followed by more free downloads from Wick-It.


(I Got 5 On It (Wick-It Bootleg) – Luniz


Rolling In The Fire (Wick-It Remix) – Adele vs. Ohio Players


Have A Cigar (Wick-It Bootleg) – Pink Floyd

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