The long awaited EP from KeseK has finally made its Beatport debut via yours truly, Macro Records. The EP boasts basslines so filthy you will wonder where this guy even came from. KeseK, hailing from Edmonton,CA , is also making his Beatport debut with Macro Records.  The original “Plutonium” really showcases KeseK’s talent, the masterfully crafted bassline, and beautiful leads, all tied together with that creepy vox, all of which is sure to bring the low end to the dance-floor. The Tits & Clits remix of “Plutonium” is overdriven electro piece which makes great use of the original vox and lead. The EP concludes  with “REAL1Ty a more muture piece from KeseK which is accompanied by a heavy remix from “AutoclaWs” (AUS).  Be sure to pick up the EP on Beatport, the recognized leader in electronic music.

** >>> BEATPORT BUY LINK  <<< **

2 thoughts on “Plutonium//REAL1Ty EP – KeseK [OUT NOW ON BEATPORT]

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