Downlow’d + MAD-SIN – “1945” (EP) > * Now Available on Beatport* <

Downlow’d + MAD-SIN are extremely excited for the release of one of their most well compiled, revolutionary EP’s  they have ever released. The original mix of 1945: Caiga La Bomba! is being called one of the most interesting, yet mature Dutch House tracks to ever see release, it is sure to devastate any dance-floor that hears it. The EP also features an abundance of remixes ranging many genres. The remix from Filter Music’s own Nestor Delano & Jay Klos is an expertly crafted Progressive House track boasting amazing sound quality and an extremely different take on the original. The remix from Skündrel is an inventive twist between Electro, Dubstep, and Breaks all tied together with an 8bit video game-esque feel. The remix from Trash Junk is a heavy electro piece with an incredible dubstep break, all guaranteed to melt your mind. The remix from Singapore’s own Dutch-House prodigy Boo is sure to shake and rattle the club, boasting a high energy dutch house feel, and expert sampling. The last and final remix is from TooMuchPorn who recently were on the remix bill for Downlow’d + MAD-SIN’s previous EP. Their remix is a strange yet inventive cross between Breaks, 2 step and Crunk, sure to tickle your ear drum like it has never been tickled before, and the only way to get a hold of it is to buy the whole EP. You can preview all the tracks of the EP below and you can purchase any of these tracks or the whole EP at

>> << (Direct Buy Link)

Released by: Macro Records 
Release/catalogue number: MR115
Release date: Aug 1, 2011

1. 1945: Caiga La Bomba! (Original Mix) – Downlow’d + MAD-SIN
2. 1945: Caiga La Bomba! (Nestor Delano & Jay Klos Remix) – Downlow’d + MAD-SIN
3. 1945: Caiga La Bomba! (Skündrel Remix) – Downlow’d + MAD-SIN
4. 1945: Caiga La Bomba! (Trash Junk Remix) – Downlow’d + MAD-SIN
5. 1945: Caiga La Bomba! (BOO Remix) – Downlow’d + MAD-SIN
6. 1945: Caiga La Bomba! (TooMuchPorn! Remix) [ALBUM ONLY]







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