Space Junk (Zimo Bootleg) – Wolfgang Gartner

The rising amount of amazing dubstep producers led to my discovery of Zimo about a year ago . I followed all of his work making sure not to miss a single track he put out, from his very first tracks ” 400 Damage Points” and “Virus Detected” all the way up until one of his most recent tracks, his remix of  “Let’s Bounce” by the Slag. I first heard his bootleg of “Space Junk” just the other day and was blown back to say the least. The ability to take an amazing track like “Space Junk” and revamp it into an even more epic version is a showcase of his talents. The canadian has been quickly been gaining support from, Excision, Reid Speed, Far Too Loud, Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method and many more. Enjoy this Free DL.

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