That’s about all I have left to say. I was really surprised when I saw how long its been since we’ve been able to update this blog. We launched it earlier in 2011 and surprisingly enough it turned out to be extremely worthwhile, we are grateful for all the readers who kept up with our blog in 2011. We promise to resurrect this project and transform it into a super blog during this upcoming year. I know it’s a little late but I hope everyone had a great holiday season, we know that we did. With the start of the new year we are super excited for some of our upcoming releases. We will bringing some tracks from ZXX, JSK, InCahoots!, and a lot of other awesome artists. We also have one definite remix competition in the works that will be channeled through this blog as well as some other interesting places. We are eagerly looking forward to hearing some of the submissions we get. We should announce the track that’s going to be remixed later this month along with the stems and contest details. Some prizes will include two releases with Macro Records, 1 pair of Wesc Oboe Headphones, $ 20 Beatport gift card, Macro Records Swag, and much more! Our first official release of this year is Macro Records 2nd ever compilation album “Family Tree Vol. 1” coming out on 1-16-2012 via Beatport. The album features some of the hottest tracks we put out this past year along with some of Downlow’d and my own favorite tracks. If you prefer to wait the album will be released on Itunes and all other major outlets in late february. It was good catching up with you guys, I know it was a lot of info to take in so we will keep you updated as all the events grow closer, and we promise to start bringing you more music as soon as possible. Email us if you have any tracks you want the blog to share.

Happy New Year!

-Alex Madsen

Macro Records


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