Get In The System Sky Dancer (Mash-Up) – Darth & Vader [FREE DL]

When we think of the Brazilian duo known only as Darth & Vader certain things come to mind. One of this things is abrasive Electro House beats that hit with the ferrocity of artists like Dirtyloud and Miles Dyson and incorporate the more playful, and airy sounds of  artists like Laidback Luke or Aviici. The perfect combination of dark/light sounds come together to provide you with a superb listening experience, all of which is no stranger to the duo’s latest release. A mashup of “System Protected”  originally done by G-Low they used their own remix of the track witch came out at the time the original System Protected came out, also mashing up sounds from “Luke SkyTampa” the Ftampa vs. Darth & Vader original, the Darth & Vader Remix of “Disco Dancer” and  last but not least “Get in the cart, Pig”  the playful Deadmau5 original. All four of these tracks combine to make “Get In the System… Sky Dancer”. A well crafted mash-up that manages to keep parts of each track separate yet together, a rare quality that is hard to find in most mash-ups out there. You can pick up this track for free off the Darth & Vader soundcloud or from the player below.

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