Welcome Back

What up everyone, Gabriel Barrio here. The folks over at Macro Records have asked me to be a part of reviving their blog. A little bit about me…. I am a student, I work, I produce some music myself and I write, that’s all you need to know. Today I’m going to be talking about two tracks that have been making a buzz on Soundcloud, both of which represent two different and unique styles of Electronic Dance Music.

The first artist is DiegoMolinams who is from Santiago, Chile. The track I had the pleasure of listening to was a remix of Rita Ora’s “How We Do”. DiegoMolinams preferred style is Electro-House and even though I am a fiend for Trance, I did enjoy this bit of Electro-House. To describe the song I would have to say it has a nice intro with ambient sounds that draw you in, until muffled lyrics bounce straight into some awesome synthwork. To sum it up this track offers perfectly constructed breakdowns and drops that leave you wanting more. Pick up this track for free via the player below.

 Woncka. I am not sure if it is pronounced as it is spelled, this has been confusing the life out of me, but that’s neither here nor there. Woncka is from Brazil, known for many of their famous bass banging artists like Dirtyloud, Darth&Vader, Felguk, and many more. Woncka has been part of the scene for 17 years and the music speaks for itself. The track Spring Break Cancum couldn’t be more peculiarly named in my opinion, but what do I know. This song has some interesting layers of Dubstep mixed in with some other elements of Electro, and Jackin House. This track offers layers upon layers that combine into that perfect video game interlude style over quasi Dubstep sounds. A proper Clusterf**k! God Bless Woncka for having the balls to incorporate elements of 2Step as well as classic Dancehall into the track. Woncka! Spring Break Cancum! F**kin A! Pick up this track for free via the player below.


Written By: Gabriel Barrio

Please direct all your questions, comments, and concerns to gabriel[dot]macrorecords[dot]blog[at]gmail[dot]com

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