Blondie – Call Me (Pelussje TelephoneBOOT Mix) [FREE DL]

What else can I say, suddenly everything 80’s is new again. The artists we loved to hate or hated to love are back again and in a bigger and much more heavy fashion. Doing a remix of Blondie! That is dangerous water to tread, but when its done, its best if its done right. Needless to say Pelussje did not disappoint on this remix. First time I took a listen to this track I put it on my Ipod and was skating to class, headphones in, track starting to build, its properly distorted vocals of Blondie and synthwork bouncing while my skateboard wheels speed through parking lots and sidewalks. What seemed like synchronized timing with the terrain, me skating and the music both of which hitting an intensity that is hard to describe but better listened to or experienced firsthand. If I had to describe the track it would be some funky dubstep and house elements, everything I wanted to hear on this specific day. Badass remix of “Call Me” by Blondie, Mission Accomplished! You can pick up this track via the link below.

>>> DL LINK <<<

Written By: Gabriel Barrio

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