Figure & CasOne – The Accident (Original Mix) [FREE DL]

Who says that Hip Hop and EDM have no place together in the music world? Well I would definitely hope that if anyone has this crazy idea that these two music genres can’t blend, breathe and live symbiotically together that they please don’t ever tell Figure & CasOne!

The track “The Accident” features deep and well versed literary techniques in the layered and intelligent vocals.  The track starts with ambient sounds that carry along the lyrics while the bass and drum patterns build into proper Dubstep/Hip Hop form and as the first verse is over the drop hits and all at once, anyone can see why this mix of styles is not to be ignored. How do you mix and meld beautifully worked lyrics and equally beautiful synth and bass into a musical concoction that leaves the listener reminiscing on alchemy? Well over 40,000 Soundcloud plays, 4,000+ downloads, and 1,000+ favorities, my guess is that the fans dig the track as much as I do. Download the track for free via the player below.

Written By: Gabriel Barrio

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