BAISONS! – Downlow’d + MAD-SIN [OUT NOW]

With the release of the track “BAISONS!” the legacy of Downlow’d and MAD-SIN’s EDM relevance is building. Not only does the track bring back the idea that music can be racy, rebellious and explicit but also keep that counter-culture influence. What else is there but counter-culture when it comes to the cutting edge of Electro? This track and these two artists do perfectly well to remind people that amazing music should make someone else feel a little uncomfortable while completely tearing down the dominant paradigm and creating beauty in the form of music. Cheers to Downlow’d and MAD-SIN and cheers to a track that is bound to garner some deserved attention! You can preview this track via the soundcloud player below and you can purchase this track via the Beatport link below.

>>> BUY LINK <<<

Written By: Gabriel Barrio

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