Lets Talk About Trap


Let’s Talk About Trap:
In case you haven’t heard, trap is quickly
becoming the new thing in electronic music
today. Everyone from Butch Clancy to Flux
Pavillion (both of dubstep fame) have been
dabbling into this gangster influenced, smooth
and heavy bass ridden genre.
Here are the top 5 reason’s why you should be
listening to trap (or at least be giving it a
5. Ryan Hemsworth
If you like your music dreamy, original, and
flat out wildly entertaining to listen to with a
deep and focussed percussion then look no
further then Mr. Hemsworth himself. I had the
opportunity to catch a live set of his, and all
I could tell you is I was absolutely blown away.
His music will send you on a trip.

4. Big Chocolate
Influenced by everything from Death Metal to
dubstep and now to trap, Big chocolate has been
making major headway in the trap music game.
Blue Milk is his claim to fame and was number 1
on Beatport’s hip hop chart only a few weeks
after release. His music requires a 26 of
tequila, pimped out muscle cars, and big booty

3. Butch Clancy
This guy has the trap genre dialed in to a T.
His bass is so perfectly crafted that it makes
my mom’s van bounce up and down as if it were
outfitted with hydraulics. His music is not for
the faint of heart as it definitely brings out
your inner dinosaur rage insticts to kill and
maim anything in sight.

2. Flosstradamus
“Run The T-T-T-T-AAPPP” is what you’ll be
repeating over and over, again and again after
listening to Flosstradamus. Most of his music
is heavily reggae inspired, and it translates
very well into trap music. The “Damn son
where’d you find this?” sample was also made
popular by this guy. If you haven’t heard of
him get to your nearest internet service
provider and type this link in:

1. Luminox
Fire in your pants. This is all I could really
explain about Luminox. Upon listening to
anything that he releases your crotch will
instantly blow up into a frenzy of orange flame
and red explosion. He has done remixes for
Bingo Players and Sandro Silva (both highly
praised in the rave scene). His career is
skyrocketing to new heights. Don’t miss out on
his crotch cauterizing gangster beats.

By Logan Wilson

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Subject: Lets Talk About Trap

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