Megan & Liz – Bad For Me (Downlow’d Remix) [FREE DL]


There are few dance songs in the world that start with a broken beat as an intro that have flare and excitement broken down with a great vocal!

Megan & Liz – Bad For Me is a great original but Downlow’d has managed to take this track and turn it absolutely upside down in the best way possible!
If you feel like having your head blown apart by dancing robot machine’s from your favorite anime show then please look no further! The drop on this beautifully crafted remix is worth every second of build-up to it!

If this doesn’t get your ass off the chair and dancing on the floor then consider yourself a vegetarian who watches their calorie intake like a hawk. Yes. That’s boring, this song is not. Listen to it, “downlow’d” it [pun intended], and then love it more then a house full of kitties. You can listen to and download this track via the player below.

By Logan Wilson

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Subject: Bad For Me (Downlow’d Remix)

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