Top 5 Secret Weapons of EDM


5. Lucky Date – Six 16 (Original Mix)

This track has been a staple in my mixes since I first heard it, and for good reason too! Let’s say you have a fully packed dance-floor and people are giving it their all. You look at them and realize that you are merely the puppet master for their actions, so you flip through your song selection and throw on Six 16. BOOM. Insta-hair-whipping, Bass Face, and beer / drink sloshing to go around. Yes this track likes to attack the crowd like an archer with a fire arrow setting blaze to a village made of wood.

4. Asino – Whack Ass Motherfucker (Original Mix)

Everyone seems to be feeling the trap sounds of booming sub bass and killer sub kicks. Well this track was around before the whole “trap” scene started blowing up and the best part about it is it’s not even trap! It will more then likely please the “trap” music fans if you play this as the thundering 4/4 booming bass drums find a way into your heart and soul and make you want to unleash the beast, or at least get a cake then proceed to throw it at your crowd and dance around like a hippy.

3. Apocalypto – What The (Original Mix)

Obviously with a name like “Apocalypto” we would begin to assume that his music is DESTRUCTIVE and EXPLOSIVE in the best way possible! The assumption is true so long as you listen to “What The”. The track is layed out beautifully and is quite easy to mix in, I won’t ruin or spoil the drop for you, but it completely makes you wish that you were in the battlefield calling orders to your troops to assault a near-impossible to reach enemy base. Yes, it really does make you that stoked on getting shit done, even if it means risking your life!

2. Kyau & Albert – Another Time (3rd Prototype Remix)

Everyone knows that without woman on your dance-floor = a boring-ass night (Or major sausage fest)! If you are wanting to refrain from being the laughing stock at the next party you play at then look no further then this! The melodies are constructed quite nicely and the vocals are sure to make any girl wave her hands in the air and let loose! The only thing wrong that I saw with this track was that it would instantly take all the woman in the club to instantly drop what they were doing and turn into dancing skitzophrenic nut jobs. Before you ask, the answer is yes. It is a good thing.

1. Big Chocolate – Praise (2011)

Let’s step away from the cliche’ house music dancing and talk about this track of epic proportions. First thing first is that this track is not for the faint of heart, it truly feels like a metal song being blasted into your skull. Number two, if your crowd is asking for something with alot of bass then play this! Serious shit will go down! The sky will fall with meteors, the dead will rise, and above all else satan’s henchemen will be razing us all like cattle to groove to this epic dubstep / dinosaur-esque / metal chug-chug infused beat. Play it, love it, watch your crowd go mental.

By Logan Wilson

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Subject: Top 5 Secret Weapons of EDM

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