Will Bailey – Big Dirty Bass (Downlow’d Remix) [Out NOW]



Let’s begin this wonderful article with a few words about the magic that this song can bring: Neck breaking, heart attack, relapsing, bouncing on your chair ecstatically, and last but not least, ear splitting music!

The intro certainly brings this expertly produced song into a breakdown event that surely creates a feeling of tension and loss of anxiety. It smoothly brings you from dancing to the cool sounds of a dutch house lead to a filtered down / filtered up bass line with a cool vocal effect that pans left to right on each speaker.

The build up is smoothly introduced from the breakdown that when it drops, it creates a supernova of cataclysmic explosions that brutally attack your ear drums in the best way possible. Everything from the bass synths to the thundering shots of each bass drum and snare drum is expertly manifested into a track that bares witness and resemblance to a forest fire being put out by a desperate team of firefighters.

This is another one for the books. Downlow’d has taken us to another level of insanity. You can preview and purchase the track via the link & player below.

>>> BUY LINK <<<

By Logan Wilson

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Subject: Big Dirty Bass (Downlow’d Remix)

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