The Green Children – Feel The Light (Downlow’d Remix)


For everyone that never listened to the original, let me get you in on a little secret: It was filled with tons of emotion that sent you through a slow moving river with your would-be girlfriend sharing kisses and moments of illegal love-making. This REMIX is exactly the opposite of illegal love-making. It is more like the act of two monkeys raping a turtle while unicorns with machine guns jump over them with haste.

Song structure is always at an A+ with this guy and I really have to commend him on his sound design for this one. Everything from the bashes of the snare drum in the intro to the amazing electro groove during the drop leaves me wanting more! I really enjoyed that the majority of the original song was kept intact…mainly because the original was just SO DAMN GOOD.

Downlow’d has once again taken us to the pastures of green grasses and romantic fairytales with a haltered and twisted end! I reccomend listening while you do things to your girlfriend, illegally.

By Logan Wilson

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Subject: Feel The Light (Downlow’d Remix)

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