Don Serata – Asphalt (Original Mix) [Out NOW on Beatport!]


In the time I’ve been blogging for Macro Records, I’ve found that the mission of the label is so different from that of any other label, it’s not focused on signing the biggest acts in the business, but rather emphasizing the innocence of many of these very new, talented producers. Their sound is different from anything that you’d find on the top 100, and they’ve helped a lot of producers make some big moves. That being said, Macro Records is back once again, bringing forth more talent from the backlot of the nation’s nubile EDM producers. At this time of year, what could be better than a banger? It’s no secret that I’m all about EDM as an art form, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the tunes that keep everyone hot on their toes and TURNT the fuck up! Don Serata’s latest release on Macro Records, which dropped yesterday is a fucking HEATER to say the least, SO this is what I need you to do…

I need you to finish reading this post, get off of the damn Facebook, and close your fucking Twitter for one second. Go to Beatport and buy this track right meow! Don’t do it for me, do it for your music library- it’s no secret your music selection is probably pretty rinsed in the aftermath of summer, and this is exactly the track that’ll get that girl that you see on your way to class out of the books and into the sack. The ripping synths and 8-bit FX that make you want to bang your Nintendo will bring back the kid in you while you literally dance your ass off to the heavy bass and drums. I don’t know much about Don Serata, as this is the first track I’ve heard of his, but I do know that his style is infectious. It’s really rare for me to find a track that I’d actually put into rotation in my car these days, I find much of the new music on Beatport is lackluster, and lacks originality, but I’d say this kid is one to keep an eye on in the next year or two. Big shout out to Don Serata for making tracks that are what Macro Records is all about.

Written By: Gabriel Barrio

Please direct all questions, comments, and concerns to:

subject: Asphalt

>>> BUY LINK <<<

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