Sylert – D-Web (Original Mix) [Out NOW on Beatport!]


BOOM! This track starts out with such fire that my short’s quite literally exploded into flame! In all seriousness though this track has a crazy sci-fi feel to it! It brought me back to the days of Star Wars: A New Hope, more specifically the scene where Luke is barreling down the death star and all his wing-mates are getting shot down leaving him to be the only one to destroy it once and for-all! The main melody sounds extremely inspired by hardstyle acts, which is almost always a good thing! I say this because Hardstyle tracks sound big and inspiring, and this is exactly what Sylert’s concoction of star war’s meets electronica is! The drop is yet another crowd-pleaser, hearing the big kicks and insane bass booming with the synths bouncing over top, definitely makes you feel like you’re rolling in a space suit above the moon. Anyone who has ever had the need or urge to fuel their inner space man should grab a copy, mainly because it will provoke inter-galactic space-travel and make you want to explore worlds where no man has set foot on before! Yup I’m a nerd.

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By Logan Wilson

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Subject: D-Web (Original Mix)

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