I Love Tuesdays #01



Ladies and Gentlemen,  If you’re under the impression that Tuesdays suck, I’m here to prove you wrong… Here are five tracks that I have personally selected from my track library to share with you, the reader! Expect 5 new songs every Tuesday right here on the Macro Records Blog! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started…

#5 Far Too Loud – Cybertron (Original Mix) [Electro]

Clearly Far Too Loud has an inner rage to unleash their nerdiness and geeky music by means of dedicating this single to the Autobot’s and Decepticon’s home-world promptly labelled as Cybertron. This track is not nice in the way of making your speakers explode and your brain turning to mush. Playing this song at home or in the car really pays homage to the years you spent as a kid watching Saturday morning TV or playing video games on a Friday night after school. It really has a nostalgic feel with all the old school arcade sounds. Cybertron affects those on the dancefloor who have experienced the same lonely yet fulfilling Friday nights and Saturday mornings with such emotion that it makes them forget how to dance, and by that I mean they really start waging war on earth for supremacy.


#4 Http x Mickie Ryan – Eye Villain [Trap]

Let’s get this started with one thing in mind here, this track has A LOT of Bass. I had my sub cranked for some reason just before I listened to this tune again and as soon as I hit play I almost lost bowel control. Eye Villain makes a person think hard about life’s trivial’s pursuits and then shuts them down like no tomorrow. All of a sudden everything starts to feel good and you look around to realize that you have just in fact smoked a huge blunt…it will make you want to smoke weed and shut down your thoughts of harsh realities in a quick flash. It also helps that playing Eye Villain out at a club (where you know the dancers are looking to slow things down) can indeed incite a smoke-break. This is one of those “filler” tracks that actually help you out when you need to brings things down a notch.


#3 Kamo & Levito – Upgrade (Original Mix) [Electro]

For anyone that owns a gaming computer (or actually anyone who knows about gaming on a PC) they will know that it is a costly venture. You consistently have to buy new hardware to “upgrade” your arsenal in order to play the newest games at maximum and ultra quality…this is where this song comes into play. It lets you say “fuck that” to upgrading your computer and instead forces you to throw it out the window from 4 stories above and then run outside with gas and a lighter to torch it until you get nothing more then a burnt crisp of electronic goodness. “Upgrade” is actually an extremely interesting track as it manages to play one note during the drop with extreme computer sounds that get your feet moving and your head-bobbing. It also does a great job of inspiring the dancers to move their limbs in awkward and weird ways while you hit play to mix in the next track.


#2 Bass Farmers & Drone – Radical Sound (Original Mix) [Dubstep]

Dropping acid, doing mushrooms, and generally getting fucked out of your tree aren’t exactly things I like to do anymore because of the residual side-affects like being hung-the-fuck-over the next day. If you want to incite psychedelic past-times then look no further… Radical Sound has such a rare and unique flavour. It allows you to close your eyes and actually forget about everything. Even though it’s running time of 4 minutes and 3 seconds is fairly short, you can and will have flashbacks of psychedelic waves in your basement with your friends. This is a must-have for Saturday night raving and sunday morning recovery.


#1 Running – Jessie Ware (Disclosure Remix) [House] This one is more of a guilty pleasure as opposed to a dance-floor-killer. I really enjoy listening to this song while staring out the window and watching the rain pour down. It’s great for when you need to chill out and just take everything in. I would also have to say that it sounds good while eating tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches…om nom nom. I’ve yet to play this one out at the Club because it’s quite simply not fast enough or it’s just too weird / strange for regular club-goers. I highly recommend this one (and actually anything created by Disclosure) for your listening pleasure.

Article by Logan Wilson

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