Sometimes I Get Hungry #01


Pictured above: Daniel Avery & Raul Chacon


Am I the only one with the tendency to hide tracks from my friends? Sure, if it’s really boss, I’ll put it on immediately. Who doesn’t like the distinction of being to the first one to play that next level of innovation. Some people have that knack for playing some old distorted vinyl and formulating some fantastic vision of what the remix might sound like. Sometimes, I keep a song in my rotation for so long, the rhythm is burned into the back of my brain… But every so often, a song comes along and I hide it. I bury it deep past any place anybody would ever look. Way below the porno “office” in my hard drive.  Sometimes, they’re hidden behind pictures of the exes I never really let go.  Tucked away, only for me… and in that sad little corner of my computer’s memory, they wait. Occasionally, I’ll play around with them just to get a feel for exactly what to expect on the moment I finally choose to unleash them onto an innocent set of ears. Even if a beautiful woman starts vibing with me about our similar taste in music, I won’t bring it up. It’s saved back there for that perfect moment, only my secret to tell, and although the wait is brutal. I know the records are there, waiting for me too.

Until their wait is up…

Pictured above: Raul Chacon, Rol(e) Models, & Simian Mobile Disco.
Photo Courtesy of Late Nite Social Club, El Paso, Texas

Rol(e) Models have been making spontaneous appearances at various showcase nights in El Paso, Texas.  They’ve opened up for Daniel Avery, following his critically acclaimed release on London’s Phantasy Sound Records, and the legendary Simian Mobile Disco in only a few months time. However very little is known about this group, which, in my opinion adds to their mystique. Little is known about their forthcoming album, aside from that its the “fourth or fifth one”. Little is known about where they’ll play next, since they always refuse to play without new music to show. But the tracks they’ve previously released are a statement to what this duo are capable of. Somehow, there’s a common stride between Decker and Rivera, the two producers in the group, yet their influences are by and far, so completely apparent, that in listening to their music, it’s easy to distinguish one from the other. Their tunes, “Bouncing Off The Walls”, and “Maximum Booty Shaking” pervert the boundaries of sexy, dark techno, and keep the audience thinking- I HIGHLY recommend these tunes.  That being said, If these are they tracks they are willing to release; then I’m afraid of what secret weapons these two are hiding in the dank folders and dark recesses of their laptops.

(Links to the artists & tunes posted below)

Article By
Raul Chacon

Raul Chacon is a blogger, EDM enthusiast, and music junky from El Paso, Texas.


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