Last To The Party #01



I’m pretty sure I’m always the last person to know about the “next big thing.” When frozen yogurt made its delicious debut, I was still buying ice cream cones from Dairy Queen like a chump. My friends meanwhile, had been exploring the tasty, fruity flavours of ice-cold yogurt for months.

It took me two months to figure out Pinterest was an app, and another two months to download it.

I thought the Hunger Games was a new diet. By the time I realised it was a novel, the movie had already come out and my friends had all seen it.

My girlfriends all started shaving the sides of their heads and I couldn’t figure out what the hell for.

I was the last of my friends to get an iPhone. I was the last one in my family to start watching Breaking Bad, and yes, it seems I was the last person in North America to discover I had a Gluten allergy. People all around me were wrapping their burgers in lettuce and I was all, “Hey, you forgot the bun!”

And once again, I feel I’ve arrived at the metaphorical costume party two hours late, wearing just my jeans and T-shirt, because no one told me to dress up……

Disclosure is an English electronic music duo that dropped their first non-album single, “Offline Dexterity / Street Light Chronicle” in 2010,  had their first major radio success in June 2012 and had their first top 10 hit in early 2013. True to form, I didn’t discover their sound until just last month after hearing Flume’s remix of their track ‘You & Me’.

And just like I did with froyo, Breaking Bad and any other new concept I belatedly stumbled across, I dove in head first, trying to take in as much as I could.

I’ve been up and down their SoundCloud for weeks now and have yet to get bored. From their incredibly soulful track with London Grammar, ‘Help Me Lose My Mind,’ to the groovy, bouncing beats they pair with Ria Ritchie’s chopped up vocals in ‘Control’, I’m left mesmerized.

The remixes are abundant as well. The Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remixed the Disclosure original, ‘F For You’ and amazingly, Baauer’s remix of ‘You & Me’ might even be better than Flume’s interpretation.

^Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle – You & Me (Baauer Remix)^

There is one thing about Disclosure that I can guarantee is different from all of the other things I’ve been last to notice.  While many trends that are considered hip and relevant inevitably began to fade – Breaking Bad ends this weekend, I’ve noticed some people have started eating bread again, and I think some of us might have even deleted Pinterest to make room for newer, cooler apps – I believe Disclosure has all the talent and creativity to make a lasting impression, and stick around for a much longer period of time.

Article by Kassie Mitchell

Kassie Mitchell is an EDM blogger, freelance writer, and all things words and music.
Twitter: @kassieeee

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