I Love Tuesdays #02



The world today is in a block of pain, suffering, and a general “up to-no-good” ordeal. Everything is quite literally going to shit and humanity is paying the price, living here on Earth with dramatic increases in natural disasters and the government playing in on the act of going to war with other countries over reasons that make us wonder why we even pay taxes.

In all honesty I’m glad that music can make us forget about everything wrong in the world. It allows us to close our eyes and dream about this Earth as a better place…  It allows us to get lost in our own sights and remember that life is actually worth living and that we must do everything we can to stay on top of all the bullshit that lay predisposed to us…  With that being said, I would like to bring a few artists into play that have me extremely impressed with the sheer size and magnitude of their productions. I’ve also included a bonus tune this week, so  feel free to consider yourselves extremely lucky!

#1 Vexare


Do you ever find yourself on an endless search of music in the hopes that you find something fresh, new, and exciting, yet get off the computer enraged, because all you’re hearing is the same bullshit recycled over and over again?  Well look no further! No, I’m not joking. Stop looking.

His name is Palmer Hogen, goes by the alias “Vexare”, and resides in Los Angeles.  Fresh, exciting, and new, are just a few adjectives that I’d use to describe his music… I know, I seriously can’t do any better than that…  What I can say, though, is that the sound design on all of his tracks is beyond impeccable.  You’d be hard pressed to find another artist today that puts as much devotion and energy into their work.

Also, it definitely goes without saying, but I feel it helps that his music sounds like it belongs in an arcade game.

^^ Exist Elsewhere – Tokyo (Vexare Remix) ^^

#2 Blackmill


Melodic dubstep, chillstep, blah, blah, blah- call it what you want to call it.  What I’m talking about is a genre that means to awaken your dreams- invoking memories of the past, and engulfing you in a soundscape, inside of which, everything around you seems to just fade away, leaving only your thoughts for entertainment…  Got the picture?

Blackmill’s music is exactly that.  Feelings of bliss and harmony in each of his tracks makes picking just one song as a favorite a proven challenge.  By now you should all know that I’m a complete sucker for synthesis, and Blackmill’s sound design is simply perfect in every nature. You can tell that he has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft.  Music like this makes me realize there is indeed something to wake up to every morning.

^^ Loz Contreras – Sarajevo (Blackmill Remix) ^^

#3 Dirtyloud


Okay I know what you guys are thinking.  They’ve been around for a while… How does Dirtyloud fit into this article at all? Well, they’re still completely relevant. They’re still working hard- consistently putting out content. But I think what most of their fans know them for is their creation of radical and  insane pieces of music, quite possibly capable of making one lose limbs on the dancefloor!

My dear readers, I’d like to inform you that they are also masters of the ethereal.

One song in particular, is their remix of “Hold Me” by Yoko Ono.  I don’t know if it’s the cheesy vocals- “Hold Me” that constantly get repeated throughout the song, or if it’s the crazy simplistic drop, or even if it’s the cool arpeggiated synths in the breakdowns.  All I know is that it was fucking created with “togetherness” in mind, and to me, unity is the best quality of sound.

^^ Yoko Ono – Hold Me (Dirtyloud Remix) ^^

#4 Adventure Club


Surely everyone and their cat has heard of Adventure Club.  The duo from Montreal, Canada has created an insane following.  It is no surprise that they have done this because as soon as you venture to their Soundcloud page you’ll hear sounds that fit together perfectly.  There’s something magical and entrancing about their music that will instantly influence you to hit the like button on every single one of their tracks and follow them to a point of insanity where you will consistently refresh the page to see if they have uploaded a new track.

Okay, I might have embellished that last part… a little, but if you want to refresh your page in hopes of a new song then be my guest… You’re probably not the only one.

^^ Adventure Club ft. Yuna – Gold – FREE DOWNLOAD ^^

#5 Kill Paris


Alright, I’m just going to say it.  I’m seriously madly in love with Kill Paris right now.  Not the man behind the music, but the music that he makes.  I don’t understand how this dude makes the quality of tracks he makes- He consistently blows my mind.  It’s always refreshing to hear something melodic. I believe melody captivates the senses and re-charges the soul, and I think Kill Paris also follows the same school of thought.  It’s no wonder his music is blowing up and his career is soaring to new heights.  All I can say can be said through his music. Click the link below.

^^ Kill Paris on Soundcloud ^^

Juicy J ft. The Weeknd – One of Those Nights (Downlow’d Remix)


So Downlow’d sent me this tune literally right before I was going to post, and I was feeling it. It fit the vibe of the post,  so you guys get a bonus tune, and a free download at that! Read on and prosper…

So what can I say about Downlow’d?  You might not know who he is… But he’s been around for a while… You never really know what genre the man in the computerhead is going to make next, but a certainty is that Downlow’d always prevails with his work. He puts such emphasis on making everything sing and shine, I find it really difficult to not want to move to his music.

His latest offering is a remix of Juicy J’s “One of Those Nights” ft. The Weeknd: a sex fueled escape from the original track.  In relation to the rest of his work, the tune is no exception in terms of  production skill.  The drums shine with brightness and drive the song forward, and enigmatic arpeggios wrap their arms around you and take you for a high speed ride with the top down…  It’s pleasing to note that although the remix is definitely a departure from the original and doesn’t feature any of Juicy J’s verses, the original track stays somewhat intact and should entice any fan of The Weeknd, trap, grime, or good music in general. This is a free download so go cop it right now!

^^ Juicy J ft. The Weeknd – One of Those Nights (Downlow’d Remix) – FREE DOWNLOAD ^^

Article by Logan Wilson

 Logan Wilson is a DJ, Producer, and Music-Enthusiast from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


 Please direct all questions, comments and concerns with the subject line
“I love Tuesdays” to official.iconic@gmail.com

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