Sometimes I Get Hungry #02



      The theme of this past weekend should have been called “Change The Record”. It’s just very difficult to believe that this far into the current E.D.M. movement, D.J.s are still having difficulty with the basic notion of getting onto the next damn song already! I’m not talking about transitions themselves and the level of synching and whatnot. Just the duration for which one song is played.

Before I rant on and pretend to know about being a modern D.J., I’m not. I believe “aficionado” is the appropriate term. If you gotta go to the restroom, I’ll at least change the song before it crashes. That’s about enough. It’s like knowing Chinese; but not cool enough to be conversational. Either way, I know about timing and repetition and to put it simply; I don’t want to hear the whole song. And yes, I understand about sharing and people who are your influences; but isn’t it implied you’re gonna change the song. Aren’t you suppose to pick the best part and show us those golden three minutes of sonic defilement? That’s kinda your job. There’s a reason why people complain about a SEVEN MINUTE female vocal in current Trance, and driving repetition of Techno. Practically every other genre harbors the same exact complaint against one another, just with different key terms and derogatory nicknames. Somehow, those conversations remind me of a slap fight I witnessed in the Fourth grade over some trading cards.

Long story short, I saw a couple of D.J.s, both local and of the international successful touring sorts. Each different event was so lackluster that half of article was written before I even started looking for music to weave into the conversation. It  was simply amazing to see a dance floor empty a good thirty minutes before the show was over, and that was at an ESSENTIAL artist’s performance. In discussion with the promoter afterwards, he blatantly admitted to paying the DJs to only play a certain type of set. All of the openers were picked by him, as well. So, instead of hearing all the select new tracks, that were being premiered at TomorrowWorld, he had his hands TIED to one element of the music. The flows of the sets angled sharply away from one performer to the next- so much so, that the sets carried no dynamic impact. Yet, they still had enough time to stop the music, and start throwing out free t-shirts. Jesus Christ! AT LEAST keep your hands on the instruments in front of you. Sure, show us your favorite song, but if we have to listen to all ten minutes of it- just for the set up, then I think somebody’s missing the point. Stop trying to force the crowd into your groove. Instead, vibe along with them. If the pretty girls and the guys on drugs aren’t dancing; change the record.

What would have really been nice, and what I usually look forward to when I go to shows, is to hear a new song that I can become rhythmically obsessed with. A big factor of my involvement with this project is that not only did I want to put people on to all my favorite secret tracks, as discussed last week, but also to be exposed to the “gem records” of others. In the future, feel free to send me the occasional track for perspective. I might even put it up here for you. Just no pirate stuff… obviously. All of the entries listed below are free downloads from their official Soundclouds or streamable tunes from artist’s Beatport profiles. It’s gotta be kept that way, just out of respect.


^ Jimi Karma ^

Jimi Karma has a unique distinction down in my neck of the woods. He’s one of those people who expanded out of the traditional experience of being in live bands and started working on his own projects, and that live mentality stayed with him to this day. I make sure to check him out whenever he comes back from his California stays, because his performances grow more immersive with every show. I asked him why he’s continued to stay true to his live set up, as opposed to DJing like so many others have of late. I wondered if it was, perhaps, an influence or a personal goal. He blatantly told me, “Because everybody is a fucking dj.” The truth is, he’s right. But with the UK Garage movement making bounding leaps forward because of Soulwax and Disclosure, I’ve been steadily watching people return back to their live instruments, albeit different from the days of old, rinsed and filtered like a dialysis patient. Karma has a ton of tracks on his Soundcloud. I’d love to post up some of newest stuff, he just gave me, but those simply aren’t mine to give.

Annihilation” has a double tone echo, unrelenting heavy deepness that begs to be a mid-set breakdown.
^^ Jimi Karma – Annihilation (Original Mix) ^^

Pacific House” shows a substance gain in Jimi’s productions. Plus, its obvious that his California shows, specifically his trips to the legendary Bay Area, are influencing his productions. Both of these songs just beam to being remix fodder. They contain just the right amount of individualism to be workable, while having a sonic consistency. His sonic palette ranges from that Psy-Trance/ Hardstyle variation to Minimal Techno, so there’s a little bit for everybody in there.
^^ Jimi Karma – Pacific House (Original Mix) ^^


Two Fresh ^

 If you’re into Trap, and haven’t heard about Two Fresh, then you’ve just been out plain sleeping and now you have a permanent marker penis painted on your face. The twins throw a monthly party, Watch This!, out in Denver that’s probably real familiar to anybody in that locale. Currently on tour, and fresh off of a TomorrowWorld appearance, they harken a  fresh horizon to the Trap medium. They offer plenty of heavy Chopped and Screwed influences with traces of eastern house and drum and bass. As their “Watch This!” EP was recently posted for free download, I haven’t been able to get “Who Said What” out of my head for some time. Basically, just get the whole thing. You’ll thank me later.
^^ Two Fresh – Watch This! EP (FREE DOWNLOAD) ^^
^^ Two Fresh – Who Said What (Free Single Download) ^^


 ^ Mitch De Klein ^

Now, Mitch de Klein is somebody I’ve been sleeping on, even though his name kept popping up on various remixes. He’s had a refocusing on Techno, even though he’s one of Laidback Luke’s wunderkind. Gina Turner’s record label, Turn It, has been releasing plenty of his stylish remixes and tracks, including Turner’s new three track ep. His “Groove With Me” editions are a pleasure. Personally, I’m still going through the last two years of his work, but I was just so impressed by his recent works, that I had to put him on this list. His remix of Gina Turner’s “Speaker” is foxy. Bang it out… Do it before your friends start asking you for a copy. Also, “Rave” is another tune you might just wanna hide from them.
^^ Mitch De Klein – Rave (Original Mix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) ^^
^^ Gina Turner – Speaker (Mitch De Klein Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) ^^

On a final note; I have a correction to make. In last weeks article, I named one of the Rol(e)Models, Decker. His real name is Becker. Sorry, yo.

That’s it this week. Make sure you check out the rest of the Macro gang. I got a special Halloween post coming up; but turn in next week when we talk about the post modern influences of  existentialism found in modern day media… And when that doesn’t pan out, I’ll just put up some music so you can play on your ride to work or school or where ever people do life stuff at.

Article By
Raul Chacon

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Raul Chacon is a self aware douchebag, who only listens to bands you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week, instead of class. Eventually, he became as a touring security and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been too; but there’s too many holes in his brain at this point.  

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