New Song, New World #01


Let’s go on a little journey together.

Let’s take an adventure through sound, fantasy and imagination.

Our soundtrack for this expedition is “Epic Radio 009″ and our guides are Swedish producers, Jeremy Olander, and the esteemed Fehrplay.

Image^^ Jeremy Olander & Fehrplay ^^
^^ EPIC RADIO 009 – Pryda Friends Special – Jeremy Olander & Fehrplay ^^

I chose this episode for a number of reasons. The first and probably least important reason is because it’s the latest edition of this musical program. Officially released on August 22nd, it was an episode fans had been waiting for, for months. Epic 008, which was released in May, shocked and awed all of its listeners. It was a journey through music that left you wanting more the second it ended. Waiting three months for its successor could be likened to an almost cruel and vindictive form of foreplay.

The second reason I chose episode 009 is that Eric Prydz, the King of the Epic Empire (a man who in my opinion needs no introduction), relinquished control of his radio show to the capable hands of two of his label’s (Pryda Friends) most talented producers, Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay. Both men have unleashed a flurry of powerful tracks over the last year, all of which have garnered them respect in the techno and deep house community.

Thirdly, I chose this episode because it’s designed not as a seamless set, but as a showcase for a group of songs that are incredible in their own right. For me personally, Epic Radio is amazing because of its fluidity. The transition from one track to the next is so seamless and so perfect- it’s a story with no distinct ending or beginning. But what makes Episode 009 distinctively different is that each song stands alone.

The final and most important reason I chose episode 009 is because of one singular Fehrplay track. It’s a song that commands your attention and it’s been on repeat since the moment I heard it. (I also love it because it’s a Moby bootleg, and who doesn’t love Moby.) And although it isn’t played at the beginning of the episode, and it plays long before the finale, it somehow manages to synchronise the entire episode’s track list around itself. It is the sun which all other planetary bodies orbit. If the song were a star, in my opinion, it would shine the brightest.

Now, press play.

Close your eyes, take a breath and allow your senses to guide you.

Imagine you’re on a beach somewhere. Sun cascading gently cross your back. You feel warm, relaxed, safe. With their inviting progressions and deep bass-lines, tracks like ‘Continuum’ and ‘Lauderdale’ start everything off right.

You smile, you face that sunshine. You brush the hair from your eyes and taste the sea salt on your lips.

Happiness. Enjoyment. Pleasure.

Galatic Cinema’ brings in a stronger groove. Your pulse is rushing… Eyes still closed, but this time you’re in a club. Barely lit- just you and the DJ. The drum beat pounds through the speakers, calling you across the dance floor. Sweat glistens across your forehead but you don’t stop moving. Things are finally getting started.

Sexy. Deep. Exciting.

Olander and Fehrplay take turns, upping the ante with each chosen track.

And then the song begins. The very reason why I chose this episode..

The piano chords that start us off aren’t necessarily elaborate, and the beat isn’t even technical. In fact, it’s simple. First we hear those keys- simple chords as introduction. The drums, the synthesizers – they’re just support for the vocals that shake you to your core…


This time you’re anywhere, it doesn’t matter. You’re floored, shaken, feverish… seduced by the music.

I was in my kitchen when I first heard it. This is where I usually am when I’m listening to music for the first time. I’m making breakfast or preparing dinner for later- washing dishes or drinking coffee. I can’t remember what particular activity I was doing but the moment those intense vocals belted through my lap top speakers, I was convinced.

I was in that kitchen, but when I closed my eyes I was somewhere else. Standing in the rain, feeling that power. Chords keep playing, bass keeps thumping and those lyrics keep coming. Wipe the rain off your face, feel a smile spread across your lips.

Empowering. Captivating. Enchanting.

It’s relentless… continuous movement, track after track. By the time we get to ‘Petroleum’, we’re in a daze. I can imagine Olander and Fehrplay smiling at one another, as if to say, “I think they’re enjoying themselves.”

Slab’ owned my soul after its release in May of last year and it continues to have the same effect on me as it did back then.

You imagine it’s your fingers grazing those ivory keys. You slide your hands across the piano and let the seductive harmonies overtake an imaginary audience.

It’s peaceful… Coy… Smooth.

Superlicious’, ‘Dharma’…I could go on and on. Each song deserves its own recognition. It’s a journey with countless destinations. You’re flying high above the clouds with one track and with the next you’re trekking through the jungle, bouncing to Fehrplay’s techy grooves.

All good things must come to an end however. As Kolsch’s ‘Goldfish’ slowly stirs you from the trance you’ve been in for the last hour and 45 minutes… You begin to slowly breathe again. Pretty crazy when you realize you’ve been to the end of the world and back.

Each producer plays with your sensibilities in a different, yet equally enticing way. And although – as I mentioned earlier, this episode lacks the fluidity that Prydz brings in previous episodes, I feel Fehrplay and Olander wanted each song to stand alone, so as to speak for itself. Each track exposes a new world and manifests a totally new set of emotions.

They end the episode with ‘What Becomes of the Broken Hearted’ by Jimmy Ruffin. It’s not house. It’s not techno. It’s just music, and another example of a song that’s beautiful in its own right.
^^ Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes of The Broken Hearted ^^

You were basking in the sun, standing on the warmest sand of the most beautiful beach. You lost yourself in a rhythm as you moved across a dance floor. You stood in the rain and felt the power of lyrics. You were a pianist in a concert hall, the controller of musical emotion.

Each chosen track, paired with your vivid imagination created a world that was not there before.

I think we forget sometimes the power our minds can have when paired with music. I think we also forget how important it is to let a song speak to us on its own terms.

When was the last time you picked a song and let it play from start to finish?

When was the last time you let a song be its OWN story, and not just a piece of a bigger tale?

Sometimes you’ve just got to close your eyes, press play and let your mind take you wherever you want to go.

Article By
Kassie Mitchell

Kassie Mitchell is an EDM blogger, freelance writer, and all things words and music.
Twitter: @kassieeee 

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