Saturdais #02 – DnB Edition

Who doesn’t love fast-paced breakbeats? Drum and Bass has been making big moves in the music scene since the 1990’s and the music has really evolved into a genre that I love. I have a couple of my favorite DnB tracks as of late to share with you. They range quite radically on the spectrum and each offer a unique and individual sound. Without further ado, lets kick of this episode of Saturdais.


1. Evol Intent – Call To Arms (Throwback Remastered)

Our first track is from one of my favorite DnB groups out there. It’s really hard to go wrong when you have three superstars working together. Alone they are well-known and talented artists, Treasure Fingers, Computer Club, and Bro Safari. Put them all together and you get this Drum and Bass powerhouse which has been making moves since 2000! This track is a remastered version of a Evol Intent track from 2005. This track boasts some extremely punchy drums and some really out there and strange synths. All made to work together in perfect harmony. Compared to the original version, this remastered version brings new life to the track and adapts it to the quality of today’s DnB. This classic resurrected is what grabbed my #1 spot for today.


2. Formtek – Another Day (Original Mix)

Grabbing the number two spot is this showstopping Melodic tune from the mysterious Formtek. I recently discovered this artist and have yet to find a track from him that I didn’t completely fall in love with. I wanted to learn more about this awesome producer yet his mysterious soundcloud page doesnt offer much. A blurry picture, no location, and all these awesome tunes leaves me begging the question, Who is Formtek? That being said his track “Another Day” really grabbed my attention. A merging of beautiful sounds and frantic breakbeats all melts together into an awe-inspiring DnB track.


2. Noisia feat. Calyx&TeeBee – Hyenas (Original Mix)

Most people when they think of Drum and Bass, think NOISIA. I have long since been a fan and if i keep hearing stuff like this that isn’t bound to change. I think i may have found my groove for these Saturdais posts. Showcasing two free tracks and one track that isn’t free, but that I would totally be willing to spend my money to have in my Itunes. This track is no exception. Noisia has been on somewhat of a hiatus since their last release, the “Imperial EP” which dropped in May of 2012. The B side of this EP also offers a Noisia track featuring none other than… you guessed it, Evol Intent. Hyeneas caught my ear though, and it’s what’s grabbing the number three spot this Saturday. The track itself sounds like it could be the soundtrack to someones bad dream, and what can i say other than, I love it! Amazing drums and percussion really showcase the DnB skills Noisia brings to the table. Staccato basslines and ambient/astringent melodies tie it all together like a bow on a Christmas present, And thats what Noisia brings us, a present for our ears. Pick this track up exclusively on Beatport 10-7-2013 and everywhere else, including Vinyl copies on 10-21-2013.

By: Alex Madsen

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Subject: Saturdais – DnB Edition

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