I Love Tuesdays #03 [TIMEWARP]


Hey guys! In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Tuesday again. This week, I present to you, something very special… This week I TIMEWARPED your Tuesday! Let me begin by saying I was always a Classic Rock fan and even enjoyed some of the Synth-Pop stuff from the era before I was born.  In this segment of “I Love Tuesdays”, I’m bringing the music from the ’60’s to the ’90’s that rocked everywhere from the colored disco-floors of NYC to gigantic stadiums in Budokan and ampitheaters across the world, and packing it all into a nutshell (and a tiny one at that).  Read on for five REMIXES of my favorite classic tracks of all time!  Here we go!

#5 DAB ft. Sushy – Grease

Image^^ Still from DAB ft. Sushy – Grease (Official Video) ^^

Don’t let the picture fool you!  This is a song about completely losing yourself in dance to song (if you lived in the ’70’s or the ’80’s).  It’s anything but getting a brand new hair-cut for $110 at a high-end fashion salon.

This awesome re-make is what music connoisseurs might consider a “high equity” track.  As soon as you press play, you’re transported to the coke infested rollerdiscos of yore that your ancestors and elders more than likely used to escape to, to live out their lives as creatures of the night, under the camouflage of the disco ball. This tune is a reminder of another time when “you should be dancing” was the norm… I can’t help but wonder if the Electronic Music culture of today is any different.  I must also add that Sushy does a great job at replicating (and, in my opinion, even singing better than) the cast members of Randal Kleiser’s 1978 hit, “Grease“.

If you’re looking to fill your dance-floor with babes then look no further… Now you’ve got the party, just add people.

^^ DAB ft. Sushy – Grease (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ^^

#4 ABBA – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (DJ Fernandez Remix)

Image^^ ABBA ^^

You can call me cheesy, gimmicky, even down-right absurd, but if you ever hate on me for liking an ABBA song or two, then I might just have to unleash the beast!

 That’s right.  This song is everything listed as above, it’s cheesy, gimmicky, fuck it- it’s even downright absurd.  A combination of those three adjectives can mean only one thing:  STRAIGHT UP INSANITY!  This song is that next level of ridiculous- so much so, that playing it out at loud volumes is likely to attract a giant herd of demonic cats, and an army of humans on molly, chanting, “save-the-race”, and sacrificing each other to Cthulhu as he bathes in a cauldron of Honey Boo Boo’s mother’s sweat, and picks his teeth with Miley Cyrus’s femur.

Either that or you’ll get more girls on your already packed dance-floor.  I won’t claim to be an expert, but I’m banking on the latter.

^^ ABBA – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (DJ Fernandez Remix) ^^

#3 Queen – We Will Rock You (Devin Martin Tribute Remix) [PLAYME FREEBIE]


If your dad’s anything like mine, you probably hear an abundance of epic rock music- for me, every Sunday, it’s one band.  I can gauge whether it’s the last day of the week or not, based upon if I hear the howls of a rock band so classic, so epic, the Gods of Rock, up in their castles built of metal and bone, knelt and cried “LET HIM GO” when “Bohemian Rhapsody” premiered. That’s right, I’m talking about Queen.  Well, although this track ISN’T “Bohemian Rhapsody“, if you’re crying or cringing because you hear this song almost every day, then fucking can it!  If anything, anybody should be able to appreciate this as a proper remix to one of the most blatantly overplayed songs of all time.

 I highly suggest checking this out as it is produced extremely well.  The synths work together like a well-oiled machine, and the track is completely modernized and re-envisioned to work everywhere from an iPod to the dancefloor.

^^ Queen – We Will Rock You (Devin Martin Tribute Remix) ^^

#2 Starland Vocal Band – Afternoon Delight (Kissy Klub Moombahton Version)


This one is for any fan of the Will Ferrell movie, “Anchorman” (or just plain fan of the song… I know you audiophiles are out there!)…  If you’re in pain and suffering from withdrawals because you’re waiting for the sequel, then stop, drop, and rock and roll!  Let Kissy Sell Out help ease your suffering for a mere 2 minutes and 59 seconds! (You know you’re tired of watching clips and interviews on Youtube.)

I recently had the opportunity to play this track in front of around 1500 people, and let me just point out that if one plays an old-school song that everybody knows and loves, they’re going to move that whole room in ways never before thought possible.  I feel this track is so good, I can personally guarantee that you’ll need at least one solid replay before you’re finished with it. Go ahead, give it a shot. If you find that wasn’t the case for you, feel free to shoot me an email, and let me know how much you love me.

^^ Starland Vocal Band – Afternoon Delight (Kissy Klub Moombahton Remix) ^^

#1 Toto – Africa (Ricardo Silvio Mix) 


This track really doesn’t really need an introduction. It also doesn’t particularly need any words whatsoever to describe its amazing production. Who knew that an old-school track like “Africa” by Toto could be remixed into something so groovy and fantastic… My head is still spinning.

I HIGHLY recommend listening to this one on a drive through your city or town.  Just play it as loud as you can with as many passengers in your ride as it can handle, and just wait for the whole group to break out singing and getting hype along with the track. Let’s be honest, the original is infectious- this remix is like Ebola… Killer.

If you watched some NatGeo after listening to this tune, then I’ll consider my job done.

^^ Toto – Africa (Ricardo Silvio Mix) ^^

Article By
Logan Wilson

Logan Wilson is a DJ, Producer, and Music-Enthusiast from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Please direct all questions, comments and concerns with the subject line

“I love Tuesdays”
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