Sometimes I Get Hungry #03




Friends. We all have them… or most of us pretend to. If anything,  I’ve had the same group of friends for the past five years. It’s probably because, let’s face it… it’s no secret it’s more difficult to make friends when we get older. Can’t just go up to people and say, “Hey, let’s hang out”, anymore. People have to share similar interests with you and as we get older, most of us inevitably become more squared out. At any given time, a typical gathering with my friends is usually spent listening to music. Luckily, most of my social life consists of going to shows and other various music industry functions, so I know most of the people that are there are into that. I still can’t talk to people though- at least, not with the speakers blasting. It’s become pretty routine… the occasional smoking patio debate, and most commonly, while competing with the music, there’ll be a half-assed introduction, where I won’t even remember the person’s name. It’s like clockwork, really.

Allow me to paint you a picture: at these shows, I’ve seen many a person get flustered over not getting in for free.  They know the promoter, they know the bouncer, so for some reason, they’re entitled to ruin everyone else’s night because they don’t understand that the event making money is more important than the quality of their night.  We’re not talking about a hefty cover here, either.  That being said, when I go out, I’m mostly talking to the people I went with, or with the promoters, if they’re worth talking to. Conversation with anybody else just makes me seem like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. I’ll start going off about the performer’s earlier works and influences. All of this, in hope that somebody else will join into my pseudo-intellectual psycho babble… you know- to establish connections and shit.  Bret Easton Ellis would be proud.  Anyway, I usually end up chatting up the promoters who have similar interests in these kind of topics, and won’t act like I’m expounding the semantics of Tolkien’s Elvish language.

Truthfully, I’ve found that this is the reason that I’ve been able to befriend a variety of them.

Now, I’m not going to pretend like I’m some hot shot and act like I know all of them and I’m in all of their good graces. Even if I’ve been going to their shows for the past five to ten years, a lot of them do know me and like me. So much so, that there are certain occasions where I don’t have to pay for entrance to event, which is greatly appreciated, but that by no means, means I’m their “über-BFF”. It also doesn’t mean that I don’t support their business either… Trust me, I’m all about exposing and enriching communities with music and art culture.  I respect the game. I understand- it’s a business and with every business, there’s a bottom line. I won’t just stroll up expecting the doors to swing wide open when I walk up. If these are my friends, then I will support them and their ambition. Ultimately, this is how you support the scene, where ever your scene may be.

The next time you walk past these people, waiting outside the doors for a hook up, you might just remember this little slice of opinion. Even if I like free shows, I appreciate the fact that somebody is putting in their time and effort to make great events happen. You should too.

Hope You’re Hungry.


Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (GRiZ remix) 

The first time I heard this song was in the form of Justin Faust’s remix. Actually, I think maybe I might’ve heard the original once on the radio, and thats a BIG maybe. This song serves the contemporary mentalities of the swaggered-out males, ready to get their heart broken every Friday night. This remix has a Trap atmosphere, but doesn’t go overboard on the heavy snares, which I really appreciate. It still lets the lyrics play up the tempo and build the tune up nicely, and the Anchorman quotes are fucking icing on the cake man… if you love Anchorman as much as I do.
^^ Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (GRiZ Remix) ^^

 Here’s the Justin Faust Remix, just for full measure. Groovy, uptempo dance tracks are always good to keep in your arsenal.
^^ Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (Justin Faust Remix) ^^


Crystal Castles… 

They’re associated with plenty of genres, whether it be 8-bit or the “I-wanna-make-out-with-myself-in-the-corner” somber Goth style, they’ve pretty much done it all.  With all the affluence they had in the  Seapunk scene; it’s only natural that they step into the obscurities of Witch House.

If you don’t know what Witch House is, it’s like Dark Techno, with more sonic decay, and it’s what your ears have been yearning for.
^^ Crystal Castles – Affection (Tarantula X Remix) ^^

Now this one here is a proud and mean remix by Valy Mo. The severity of the bass is miles away from typical Witch House content, also, the last half of the song evolves into something massive, symphonic, and inexplicably beautiful. This is definitely the track I’ve been focused on all week.
^^ Crystal Castles – Kerosene (Valy Mo ††‡† Remix) ^^


^^ Zombelle ^^

If you don’t know what Seapunk is; here’s some Zombelle. Boasting big touches of electronica, 8-bit, and indie dance- it’s a calling back to the days of electroclash, with a new twist… Seapunk could be described as a musical movement, Zombelle a warrior,  known for her colorful chartreuse clothing; as well as her well pronounced synth nodes.
^^ Zombelle – Bukkake Is A Feeling ^^

All the songs listed above are free downloads via the respective artist’s Soundclouds. 

 Be sure to Tune in next week, when I’ll practice exploratory surgery on myself; then I’ll probably get bored of that and post music up instead.

Article By
Raul Chacon

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 Raul Chacon is a self aware douchebag, who only listens to music you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin, Texas, and going to shows six days a week, instead of class. Eventually, he became touring security with several acts and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you exactly how many shows he’s been to; but there are simply too many holes in his brain at this point.  

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