Saturdais #03 – Dubstep Edition


Welcome to the 3rd weekly edition “Saturdais”. The weekly blog post guaranteed to knock panties and socks off. This week we have some great tunes ready, willing, and able to help me in my mission to bring banging music, filthy  drops, and downright dirtiness to the people.

1. Protohype & Getter – That’ll Do (Original Mix)

I remember when Protohype was a name most people were unfamiliar with. I would show them “Memoirs” and the “Killa Cam” remix and most people would immedately fall in love, just like I did. Crisp quality, professional arrangements, and memorable tracks are three reasons why I continue to support Protohype’s music. Throw Getter in the mix and you better get ready for a clusterfuck of awesomeness. The grime of Getter meets the tranquility of Protohype and the outcome is purely amazing. Wonky synths working in tandem with hard hitting bass really showcase the awesome vibe this track brings to the table.


2. Diamond Pistols ft. Anna Yvette – Twerk (Elminate Remix)

Let me start off by professing my love for Anna Yvette’s vocals. Every track she works on is pure gold, and her vocals are always unique and outstanding. Her track with Diamond Pisols got some serious work from Eliminate. This track definitely has a more uptempo drumstep type feel, but I think it does justice to Dubstep as well.  Playful synths, video-game esque’ vibes and filthy basslines make this track my #2 selection of the week.  You can pick this track up for free via the soundcloud link.


3. Rednek – Dub Island (Original Mix)

This entire post has been filled with Artists I absolutely love. I don’t think I could have it any other way though. At #3 we have Rednek who has been AFK for a few but has finally returned to remind us of his skills and love of music. Dub Island represents a simpler time in Dubstep. It takes us back in time 15 years and does justice reminding us of Dubstep’s roots. I love the rasta vocals on this track as well, they are perfectly integrated. I can assure you this tune will find its why into my playlist, and will probably never be able to find its way out.  Glad to see you are back Rednek now please bring more filth to my eager ears.

By: Alex Madsen

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