NEW MUSIC: Nasti & Clarks – Delirium (Original Mix)



^^ Nasti & Clarks – Delirium Album Art ^^

    In life, there are few certainties… Death, taxes, and that French natives Nasti & Clarks know how to dismantle a dancefloor. Their new release, “Delirium” is a tour de force in the progressive/ big room arena that exemplifies the nature of the duo’s roots: controlled chaos. The track creates a foggy atmosphere of a sea of bright lights working in tandem with the music to create an experience in which the listener is thrown around in the most satisfying of ways, only to be brought back to neutrality with their heads on backwards. Nasti & Clarks ultimately send their audience home with a valuable party lesson: sometimes, a little madness might be just the thing one needs.

“Delirium” available for download now via Beatport
Get it Here:

 Listen to “Delirium” via Youtube!

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