I Love Tuesdays #04


Hello everyone, and welcome back to another installment of your weekly “I Love Tuesdays“!  This week is all about “First impressions”.  I’ve found some rather solid gems that really kick on both the dancefloor and on your iPod or home stereo.  If you’re into no-filler and all-killer, then this is the hotspot for you! Let’s get into it…

#5 Joe Garston ft Andrew Farr – Happy Ending (Froxic Remix)


My first impression of the Froxic remix of Garston’s track, “Happy Ending“, featuring the immensely talented Andrew Farr is that the tune is nothing short of phenomenal.  Farr’s vocals are executed flawlessly and with style, and in my opinion really make the track. Heard you’ve been hunting for a bit of emotional music to get your significant other in the mood, or maybe some medicine to help drown out your sorrows because you’re beyond fucking lonely?  Either way, “Happy Ending” is the embodiment of a great track- I consider any track great if it takes you somewhere. Check. The lyrics, reminiscent of dialog from classic romance films paired with Froxic’s impeccable stylistic edge, paint a picture of the not-so-distant past, that has long been forgotten.

^^ Joe Garston ft. Andrew Farr – Happy Ending (Froxic Remix) ^^

#4 Row Rocka – Gate 9 (Original Mix)


I’ll be honest and forthright, “Gate 9” seems like a pretty generic track at first. I say this because it’s got the big booming 808 in the drop that’s become the standard for every single fucking big-room house track out right now.


So what makes “Gate 9” different?  Well it actually works, for one…  The whole track is produced with the audience in mind, and in my experience, that undoubtedly makes a good track.  In this case, simplicity does go a long way- the builds and drops are engineered so subtly, it makes you wonder why you would sit in your studio and spend hours trying to create some superkalafragalistical build synth when you can just literally vomit out a few notes with a bit pitch bend automation. Simple, see? Bottom line is this: the track ebbs and flows like the Nile River, and if you DJ, it might just liven up your live sets a little.

^^ Row Rocka – Gate 9 (Original Mix) ^^

#3 Danny Howard – Spire (Original Mix)(Available October 18 via Spinnin’ Records)


I think Danny Howard’s track title aptly named, “Spire” must be inspired by Starcraft’s bio/plague-like race, “Zerg“.  Excuse me for geeking out for a second, but in case you don’t know, The Spire in Blizzard’s “Starcraft” and “Starcraft 2” is a requirement to turn your minions into demon-like winged creatures that spend their time raping, pillaging, and destroying basically anything it comes in contact with… so long as you have a huge squadron of them, you should be good.

Now, with that in mind, the same theory was, for the most part, applied to this track.  We’re introduced to a sense of space in the track;  the incoming synths leading into the breakdown build anticipation, and evoke some pretty fucking strong emotions- I felt like I could fly.  The build delivers… I like it when they give me what I want.  Once the beat drops, disappointment is far from my mind… everything just completely goes to shit, and I mean that in the most delicate, beautiful way possible.

It’s fucking awesome!

^^ Danny Howard – Spire (Original Mix) ^^

#2 Dirty Spectrum – Fucking (Original Mix)


This track is news to me.  It’s funny how a song like this can go right under the radar of many people. How does this happen? Seriously? No… Seriously? How does it happen?

I’ve released tracks before, and I know how it goes- one person blames the other, but typically the fault is on both sides of the sword.  I blame bad marketing on the part of the artist and the label, respectively.  It’s pretty fucking unfortunate too- this track should be an outright hit with party people everywhere. I mean “Fucking“, seriously? Oops… I forgot to mention the horny people…

Fucking” sounds exactly like what you think it sounds like.  It’s obviously fucking inspired by doing a ton of fucking drugs and having fucking sex with as many fucking people as fucking possible before you fuck up find yourself in the fucking Hospital, because of some fucking red sore that’s fucking spread throughout your entire fucking nether-region. Alright I might’ve taken that one a little far… But I hope you caught what I did there. I said “fuck” a lot.

Anyway, I know what I just put you through was gross, and I definitely wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. If this were Facebook, I’d encourage you to share this post 100 times lest those sores end up on your nether-region (I’m sorry for saying nether-region** again… I had to do it), but since this is WordPress, and the Macro Records WordPress at that, I guess I’ll forget the spam and just command you to listen to the tune. Fair? Fuck it…

^^ Dirty Spectrum – Fucking (Original Mix) ^^

#1 Static Revenger ft. Kay – Back Off, Bitch! (Taco Cat Remix Dub)


Fan of that Melbourne style? Oh you are? You can’t get enough of it?
You should stop what you’re doing.
Turn off your TV.
Switch off the porn.

Why are you watching TV and porn at the same time???

Don’t argue, just do yourself a favor and press play.

Immediately after I started listening to the track, I impulsively threw on my Superman costume (yes, I have a Superman costume) and jumped out the window… and I flew. That’s right… let that shit sink in for a second. I can fly, bitches…  (I wish.)

If you’re anything like me, and you feel like you might be secretly honing superhuman powers, then “Back Off, Bitch!” might be the catalyst that helps you rustle up the balls to send that application to Professor X. Or maybe it’s the track that some people might refer to as “their song” when they explain to their children how they were conceived on the dance floor fifteen years from now. Oh-so-classy. Hm… I guess only time will tell.

^^ Static Revenger ft. Kay – Back Off, Bitch! (Taco Cat Remix Dub) ^^

**and again

Article By
Logan Wilson


Logan Wilson is a DJ, Producer, and Music-Enthusiast from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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