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This past Tuesday, Jon Gooch, AKA Feed Me released his first full length album entitled “Calamari Tuesday”, and I’ve been living in a dream world ever since… Here are seven reasons why I think you should listen to, love, and buy this album.  Welcome to this month’s “Seven Up”.


7. Orion

What a perfect track to intro such a cohesively solid collection of music. This song is so ridiculously boss, I can’t even get over it.

Always a sucker for dark chords, my ears were instantly aroused within seconds of the start. There are hints of what sounds like thunder in the background, and then the rattling of drums… I have actual tingles just thinking about it. I blasted this track so loud I could almost see the waves of sound coming from my car.

The 3:02 mark brings with it a taste of melody, perfectly opposing the dark percussion and grumbling electronic effects that rumble through to the end. One track in and I’m a believer.
^^ Feed Me – Orion (Original Mix) ^^

6. Death By Robot – what we wanted new Daft Punk to sound like.

Remember all the hype for Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories? Every festival line-up ever included the French robotic duo as a surprise headliner. Radio DJ’s and self-proclaimed EDM aficionados even went as far as proclaiming their new compilation as the only saving grace for the apocalyptic future of electronic dance music.

We all fed into the hype, we all pre-ordered the CD and we all couldn’t wait to hear the NEW addictive, auto-tuned, lyrical gold that we remembered ‘Homework’ and ‘Human After All’ to be.

And then in the most anti-climactic fashion ever, it came out, we listened and that was it. No jaw dropping singles, no catchy disco favorites, not even another ‘Television Rules the Nation’. Now, don’t get me wrong. ‘Contact’ blew me away and ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’ was pretty incredible. There were some solid tunes on RAM and by no means am I even comparing the two artists. They’re apples and oranges. But the feel and vibe that Feed Me infused ‘Death By Robot’ with is exactly the kind of vibe I was expecting from the almighty forthcoming Daft Punk album everyone was so hype about, yet RAM fell short of.

This God damn tune is so catchy and stuffed full of funk, it’s hard not to compulsively replay it after it ends. I would even go as far to say it’s… it’s delicious.
^^ Feed Me – Death By Robot (Original Mix) ^^

5. The lack of obligatory drops.

Let’s face it, we’re all suckers for the drop.

And sure, when it’s done right what’s not to love? An intro that teases you as it slowly unfolds. A catchy progression that takes the perfect amount of time, leaving the listener writhing with anticipation. And finally just when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, the drop is unleashed, simultaneously rumbling the floor and your brain.

Because of the powerful effect a successful drop can have, producers are continually tweaking and reworking them into their tracks. Ultimately, a good one can make or break a song. The problem is, it’s not always done creatively OR right.

As EDM continues to become more commercialized and mainstream, more of the music that falls under this labelled umbrella is beginning to sound lazy. Every hit has to have that popular bass drop and every bass drop is starting to sound the same.

I dare you to find one predicable tune on this album. There are no two songs alike and no two drops done incorrectly. Feed me plays with your sensibilities, leaving nothing to sound like the copy-and-pasted garbage that’s flooded the electronic music market as of late.

4. Feed Me colors outside the lines

Feed Me plays with the boundaries of several different genres and it sounds pretty fucking cool. “Ebb & Flow” is an amalgamation of Chillout meets Electro; morphing into some pretty fucking awesome Dubstep. Meanwhile Tasha Baxters vocals are a silky smooth complement to the sickest beat I’ve heard in forever.
^^ Feed Me ft. Tasha Baxter – Ebb & Flow (Original Mix) ^^

Fast forward to the 3:00 mark in ‘Dazed’. For me, it was like soaring through space; flying by shining stars and celestial bodies, adventuring through sound and time. It could be something different for you. The point is to use your imagination, and allow the song to take you somewhere else. Whatever those sounds are, they’re amazing.
^^ Feed Me – Dazed (Original Mix) ^^

Love Is All I Got” is emphatically happy and incredibly catchy. ‘In the Bin’ is Breakbeat meets Classic House with a funky set of layers, and an arsenal of articulate sound design.
^^ Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Original Mix) ^^
^^ Feed Me – In The Bin (Original Mix) ^^

Everyone wants to be able to label their respective taste… It makes it easier to understand our music and identify ourselves as fans. People want their music to be clearly identifiable, but Feed Me makes this nearly impossible. Labeling this album as one distinctive genre is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

3. You’ll never feel cooler than when you do while listening to ‘Rat Trap’.

If I’ve suggested a song to a friend and they get back to me daring to say they didn’t enjoy it, I usually assume one thing: they’ve made the cardinal mistake of listening to it on a less than adequate sound system.

It’s a rookie mistake, and one you should make sure to never make. Think of a track as a human being… a person with one chance to make a first and lasting impression. Ever been introduced to some dude with a sweaty set of palms? You know… That dude that dropped bad joke after a cheesy pun… the one with those shifty eyes that had you wondering who exactly they were looking for.  That guy.  The chances of you wanting to develop a long and lasting friendship with a weirdo like that are slim to none.

Guess what? Music has personality too. If you’re browsing Beatport and sampling new tunage on your 2008, $300 Lenova PC with factory speakers that make music sound like an old toaster, then you’ve set any music you happen to come across on a surefire course for disaster.

First impressions, in any case, are unforgettable; it’s important to nail them on the first try… That’s why they’re called first impressions after all, right? ‘Rat Trap’ was made to make you feel like a champion, but like any tune, even the amazing ones, it needs adequate acoustics to do so.

SO before you press play, I suggest making sure you’ve got the proper auditory equipment for the job. Do what you have to do – put your best set of headphones on. Go visit your friend with a sub-woofer and let him know you’ve got a song he needs to hear, or just go for a drive and crank your stereo…

Let ‘Rat Trap’ dismantle your brain with bass, and when it’s done, tell me you didn’t feel like one bad ass motherfucker while you jammed.
^^ Feed Me – Rat Trap (Original Mix) ^^

2. As a full length album, it has something to say

An average person’s attention span these days is about 15 seconds. I stop at a red light, I check my Facebook. I channel surf the second a commercial appears, hoping to inundate my brain with another immediate brand of entertainment. I begin books I never finish and start conversations only to get distracted.

We’re in a constant search for mental stimulation and it’s just the same with music.

Most often, when we pursue a new album, we’re giving each track approximately 20 seconds to do something to impress us or it’s on to the next one. That’s why a lot of the garbage we hear today is loud, obnoxious, and unorganized.

Its loud noises to grab your attention. Its bells, whistles, and catchy sound effects. It’s designed to grab you by the balls and keep you listening long enough to make its point. Our lack of patience has led to an onslaught of a particularly aggressive, lazy, and overly shitty brand of music.

Full length albums feel like a thing of the past. For a lot of us in the EDM community, we listen to podcasts and recorded sets; musical highlight reels of artist’s best tracks and popular tunes. Albums are an opportunity for musicians and producers to tell a story with a series of individual songs.

Feed Me wrote… “Calamari Tuesday is a journey through various styles of music, 2 years of intensive touring….and the construction of my live show and imaginary friend, from sketches into tangible reality.”

The best part is you can hear those intentions in this album.

1. It’s different

Ultimately, the best quality this album possesses is that it’s different.  Calamari Tuesday doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard in the last year and it certainly doesn’t conform to a particular standard of what Electro and Dubstep is “supposed to” sound like.

You can hear the infusion of creativity, thought, art, and passion. I truly appreciated every song and found myself repeating several tunes moments after they ended.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s been so long since I’ve listened to Feed Me (an original favorite of mine) or if it’s because I ventured into this album with zero expectations, but I haven’t been impressed with an entire record like this in a pretty long time.

It’s compelling, addicting, and warrants several, repeated plays.

^^ Feed Me – Calamari Tuesday (Album) ^^

Article By
Kassie Mitchell

Kassie Mitchell is an EDM blogger, freelance writer, and all things words and music.
Twitter: @kassieeee

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