Saturdais #04 – Melting Pot

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1. Bro Safari x Munchi – Sin Compromiso (Munchi’s Fuck Bitch Promoters VIP)

It seems like Bro Safari cant keep away from Saturdais at all, and this time its Bro Safari & Munchi wrecking your speakers. Some may say Moombahton/Moombahcore is dead, and I would have to totally disagree. This track reminded me of that fact. Sexy moombah drums and filthy basslines make this track one to look out for.  I think Munchi might be trying to make a statement with the name of the remix. Munchi in the past has been known as an artist willing to always speak his mind, and his truth. We applaud you Munchi. Keep doing what you do best and you could single handedly keep Moombahton alive for as long as you keep producing bangers.  Click the “BUY” link in the Soundcloud player for a link to download the track for free.


2. Dog Blood – Middle Finger (The M Machine Remix)

I truly do miss Pance Party. Remnants of a different age of Electro House. Most would be surprised to know however, that The M Machine is actually Pance Party. Although I do miss Pance Party I can’t complain when these guys keep putting out superb tracks. The right balance of filthy electro elements as well as beautiful progressive vibes. All of which keeps me clawing for more. Their remix of Dog Blood’s track “Middle Finger” is no exception. I found myself jamming out to this track like I haven’t jammed out in a while, an odd hybrid of Trash/Electro/Moombahton unlike anything i’ve heard before. You can buy this track on Beatport using the link in the Soundcloud player.


3. Dean Cohen – Playground (Original Mix)

Israel, the focal point of Dance Music in the middle-east. 18 year old producer Dean Cohen is one of the few leading the charge. Having been unfamilar with his music at all, I found my jaw dropping the first time I heard this track. I immediately scrambled for the download button, this track will not escape my personal playlist for a while. A dancefloor banger with its own unique sound, crafted with expert arrangements and beautiful synth-work. Dean is definitely an artist to watch out for in the coming months/years. Having already been supported by the likes of Tiesto, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Fedde Le Grand, Kaskade, Madeon, Showtek and many more, it’s clear that this kid is going places. Keep putting out tracks like this, Dean, and you’ll be a superstar before you know it.

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