Salacious Sabbath #01


There’s something uniquely sensual about electronic music that other genres generally tend to bypass for some strange reason. I’ve been to many a social function in my day, and it doesn’t take rocket science to understand that electronic music is always capable of “bringing the beast” out of human beings.  I remember a study that was done by Stanford University or something (don’t quote me on this), about lab rats mating conditions when listening to different kinds of music… Guess which genre kept the rats busiest?  It was dance music… Of course, at this point- around 2006- I don’t think the term “EDM” even existed yet.

“Some men just want to watch the world burn”… My name is Gabriel Barrio, and with this post, my aim isn’t to destroy the world, but to bring music to light to move, groove, and make out to… If you’re one to consider Sunday a day of rest, then you’ve been doing it oh-so-wrong this entire time. Please allow me to cordially introduce you to “Salacious Sabbath”, a down-and-dirty musical exposé, focusing on one artist per week.


James Blake… If you’re not aware of who he is, Blake is an artist that bounded into the electronic music scene in 2009 with a style difficult to compartmentalize and tracks that music enthusiasts from around the world have defined as exciting, fresh, and sexy. In building a relationship with his music, I’ve found that Blake bridges the definite gaps that exist between genres, and I know it’s cliché and a bit played out, but I believe he creates a subgenre that is entirely his own, and is as of yet undefined. Some have called James Blake a Dubstep artist, some have dubbed his music Post-Electro, but what’s really beautiful about his music is that it demands no labels… Exactly what James Blake is should be left up to interpretation. I should also mention for good measure that Blake goes by the moniker of Harmonimix when releasing remixes
^^ Mala – Changes (Harmonimix Remix) ^^

 “Retrograde”, this track is everything that I love about James Blake and an adequate introduction into the realm that is his music.
^^ JAMES BLAKE – Retrograde (Original Mix) ^^

 Well, weekend warriors… Tonight, I ask you to turn down the lights. Set out your silk sheets and let James Blake take you and your significant other for a spin.  When we return next week, let me know how it went. Until the next Sabbath… HERE’S TO THE WORK WEEK!

Article By
Gabriel Barrio

Gabriel Barrio is a blogger, student, vegan, and animal lover from Las Cruces, New Mexico.
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