I Love Tuesdays #05


Whoa! We’re back! It’s already the 5th edition of your favorite blog post consistently making your Tuesdays that much better for a little over a month now. I’m Logan Wilson and this week, I’ve got something pretty special for you all. I live in a city up here in Canada called Edmonton, which is slowly becoming a hotspot for Dance Music. In an extremely short timeframe, we’ve been graced by artists like Bingo Players, Armin Van Buuren, Firebeatz, and I’m pretty sure Krewella was even here the other week. Bottom line is, there’s basically a show with a big headlining DJ here every week, and the masses want more.

Anyway, I’m not here to show you songs that are listened to by the general populous. I’m here to show you the real MEAT of the artist community from here in the great white north- producers that are striving for success in an industry that’s been known to chew up many a young dreamer, and spit them out a damaged shell of a human being.  This week is all about the local flare. I know many of these artists or have met them in passing, and all I can say is that without these people, Edmonton’s local scene would be sparse with DJ’s playing nothing but the Beatport Top 100 every week.

#5 SanKtum


Chris Idle. The man, the legend. Just kidding. I wish he was a legend… He’ll get there. I first met Chris when I opened for Felix Cartal earlier this month, but I’d been well acquainted with his music for a while. I remember stumbling upon one of his tunes during a late night video game session complemented by Green Tea and dirty dance beats. I initially noticed how his music made fantastic use of open space. The productions are sincere and retain a fundamental edge, yet there’s so much going on that it would be impossible to put a finger on it. It’s one part complex, another part ethereal and trancey, and he gives us an occasional arrow to the knee with some crazy delicious trap 808’s. Word on the street is he’s releasing a new EP called “Deal With It” on the 21st and his track titled “Cobalt” through Bass Imprint DLA Black in the near future. The fact that he’s experimenting in different genres and actually making some waves in the process is exactly why you should keep SanKtum on your radar.

^^ SanKtum – Free EP ^^

#4 Bass Farmers


These guys are just something else. I think everyone in Alberta who likes dance music can relate with them. Bass Farmers have mixed the very best Alberta has to offer: farming and bass music. That’s exactly what they are… er… do! BASS FARMERS. Hurr Durrrrrr. It also helps that this duo are really cool cats. I find with Edmonton’s scene that if you’re a douche bag, you’re instantly hated, no matter how good you are at DJing, engineering, or producing music. The kings of the bass farms couldn’t be cooler cucumbers… They leave their egos at the door, and I respect them for that. Their music is also completely fucking insane! If you’re looking for tight woven bass synths that attack you while you sleep in the barn then look no further. Who would have thought that farming bass could be so much fun? Seriously… it’s way better than a Chia Pet.

P.S. They also have a brand new EP that is completely free. It’s available on their Soundcloud so please do them a favor and get it now!

^^ Bass Farmers – Space Farmers (EP) ^^

#3 Peep This


Peep This is another duo from the Edmonton circuit, consisting of two of my favorite native DJs (They’re both “Y Afterhours” Residents), Peep’n Tom and of course DJ Tyco. Tyco is a radio host on Hot 107 (Edmonton’s dance music station) and Peep’n Tom is a production robot machine. These two paired together make an unstoppable force (mainly due to the fact that they push harder for local success then anybody else). It helps that the music they create is bouncy, sexy, and relevant. Some of the music they’ve created has been dubbed PDM… Panty Droppin’ Music.  I would advise you to check these guys out as soon as possible!

^^ Peep This on Soundcloud ^^

#2 Tantric Decks 


When we think of Glitch-hop here in Edmonton we think of music festivals, beer, acid, and TANTRIC DECKS. Steve Roland is a monster when it comes to creating crazy sounds, matched with absolutely amazing production quality. I’m not sure if you’d consider his music baby making music, though… more like make a baby, give birth to said baby, and throw it out a window music. On a serious note, his music has finesse, which might have something to do with his 10+ years of music production experience. If one thing can be said, this guy is a pro: he’s been on the Beatport Glitch Hop Top 10 on numerous occasions, he’s designed sample packs, and he’s constantly pushing out tracks capable of causing heart attacks. Do your taste in music an enormous solid and give Tantric Decks a follow. It’s in your best interest.

^^ Tantric Decks on Soundcloud ^^

#1 Alex Klingle 


Okay, so… I only heard about this kid a few days ago. I was smoking some weed with a good friend of mine and his buddy. We were passing around our favorite songs on the stereo while getting absurdly stoned… next level high- we’ve all been there.  Anyway, the name “Alex Klingle” popped up. That being said, I get it. The name means nothing if you haven’t heard the music. I’m giving this guy the number 1 position because he deserves it.  No bullshit, he fucking deserves it. Why does he deserve it? You know that feeling you get when you listen to music and everything around you slowly disappears? That feeling where the hair on the back of your neck stands-up because you feel completely at ease? Well that, my dear audience, is exactly what Alex Klingle‘s music is capable of. I’ve never met this guy, and to be honest I have no idea what he’s all about, or what kind of person he is, but I can definitely say that by listening to his music, my entire existence has been ‘ticked up’ by another notch. You need to listen to his music. Right now.

^^ Alex Klingle on Soundcloud ^^

Bonus Artist: Kona 


I know I said I was only doing local artists, but Kona has been a good friend of mine for some time now. He’s given me some solid production tips, and has helped me out in more ways than I can say.  I simply couldn’t help but post one of his tracks here. Pat is from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. He sent me this track because he was looking to get some extra promo on it and all I can say is WOW! If you were wondering where Fidget-house went, then give his latest offering “Love in The Club” a chance! It’ll make you dance, and it may be just the revitalization of Fidget that so many people have been anxiously awaiting.

^^ Kona on Soundcloud ^^

In conclusion I would also like to point out that there are still a number of artists in Edmonton that I’ve yet to discover. There are around 817,498 people living here in the city, and it totally blows my mind to think of who’s going to be the next up and comer to rock the scene. I encourage anyone reading this to please send me your tracks. I’ll give them an honest and sincere review. Also, I didn’t post about my music, because I feel you guys hear enough from me as is, BUT IF you really want to check out our stuff, then feel free to head on over to our Soundcloud below and give us a listen! See you guys next Tuesday!

Article By
Logan Wilson

 Logan Wilson is a DJ, Producer, and Music-Enthusiast from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

 Please direct all questions, comments and concerns with the subject heading:

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2 thoughts on “I Love Tuesdays #05

  1. SanKtum is my guitarist. That kid is crazy and is always open to new genres of music. He’s honestly one of the most diverse musicians I’ve ever met.

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