Sometimes I Get Hungry #05


I’m cursed…

Have been for some time. Alright, maybe I’m a bit of a superstitious person, but there’s good reason for that. The greatest disrespect a person can be dealt is from not learning from their own life experiences. Yes, I may be superstitious, but I am no fool.  There are certain occasions in which I know better than to test fate.

It started nearly ten years ago. Well, I really don’t know exactly… Neither do the people I was dragged along by. This was before I collected flyers or saved ticket stubs, so I don’t have them saved to serve as mile markers, like I do now. I’m talking about a time before I really started to care about electronic dance music (and years before most people even knew what dance music was).  My knowledge was limited to what my high school friends brought with them from California and what my cousins exposed me to. This made venturing into Mexico to see some DJs, sound pretty fucking moronic to me. Specifically, since those where the bad times… The all or nothing times… These were days when you simply didn’t venture into Mexico for fear of losing your head. Before all of that bullshit scarred the border, we used to thoughtlessly go over to grab a bite to eat, party at night, or get a hair cut… these were simpler times. Then there was 9/11, decapitated bodies sitting at bus stops like Halloween decorations. Crossing the border was like walking into a game of grenade dodgeball. If you were going to go, you needed a real reason to go- maybe a dying relative, or like… if you robbed a fucking bank and had to get away from the U.S. Government. My reason; Sasha and Digweed.

I didn’t go because I wanted to. I went because I had to. There was an obligation I had to fulfill and be finished with forever. Plus, I had nothing going on at the time. There was this engagement I was in, which I was literally watching wither away, dying that slow, cancerous, fish out of water death, all toxic relationships deserve to drown in. I just wanted to get away from her. Mexico getaway, if you know what I mean. So when I say that the trip did not change my life, I hope you understand why. There was no enjoyment. It was almost a job. I had to go there and come back in one piece, without my fingers cut off by some petty extortionist. I didn’t drink, nor did I partake in anything else. My clothes were soaked in the sweat of paranoia, not of jubilation. When the show was over, all I wanted to do was get back to American soil. As everybody else spoke about how amazing it was, I was simply happy to be alive. It was only years later, that I realized what a mistake I’d made.

The curse actually started at Coachella 2008, when I tried to walk over to see Sasha and Digweed. In those years, I had landed a security position that pulled me from event to event- one of the very few highlights being the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. Somehow, I had also worked enough forty-eight hour shifts to be in charge of my own set of team members, with a supervisor position. So, when I wanted to utilize my rank to see Sasha and Digweed from a coveted back stage position, I saw absolutely no harm in doing so. However, every time, I tried to pull away from my duties around the artist area, some new problem would arise. A lost child. A feeble teenager, unable to handle whatever cocktail of drugs they’d ingested. The daughter of one of Metal’s founding “royal” groups (who’s name will remain unmentioned) that was trying to get into Roger Water’s tent because she’d met him once… thirty years ago… when she was an infant. All I wanted was to listen to Sasha and Digweed’s set for just a brief minute. Suddenly, something struck me as I realized I’d been suffering out in the elements for the last two years. I had had enough. I got over there… But it was just as they were leaving the stage. I was left behind… Out in the audience were thousands of mesmerized people basking basking in the glory and decadence of the legendary duo. People with my trophy in their ears.

Over the past five years, I’ve tried to see them four times, individually. Each man, two separate times; each time with it’s own divine intervention… each time, I didn’t make it. Once, there was a flat tire. The time after, a separation from a woman who kept my ticket to that sold out show. The very last time, I ended up in jail. People tried to be supportive this weekend and told me to be positive. There were incentives for me to see Sasha. There were friendly offers to buy my ticket and to even give me a ride there. I refused all of them. “Third times the charm,” they said. Yeah, right… maybe I’ll end up dead this time.


Instead, I went to Mark Farina, who was also playing the same day. Not a bad compromise. I even told my girlfriend to get angry at me and cause a scene if I decided to walk over and tempt fate again.
I didn’t.
I know better now.
Some sets are just not meant to be.

This week in music:

Flosstradamus- Lana’s Theme


Really, this was what turned me onto Flosstradamus, and it’s been a repeat on my playlist for some time. This was Trap before Trap, at least for me. I enjoyed the Trip-Hop elements incorporated into the tune, and was really feeling the refined nature of the tune. Gotta admit, the General Ackbar samples have gotten pretty old. This track is major win, with elegant, flowing bass and a vocal that becomes the whistle to its own chorus. Majestic, hypnotic, mesmerizing.
 ^^ Flosstradamus – Lana’s Theme (Original Mix) ^^

Lana Del Ray-  Video Games (Joris Voorn Edit)


In the sea of Lana remixes, I’ll admit I knew nothing about this version, until a few minutes ago, when it popped up in my feed. But this edit, like the song, takes me back to a more idealized time. The days when I ‘d have to play music for all of my Trance friends, and my Indie pop fam. I would have loved this song back then, but it exists now. Textures of Techno and Disco, with a clap made to keep the hipsters and elitists happy. Enjoy.
^^ Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Joris Voorn Edit) ^^

Alejandro Paz- El House (Sanfuentes Version)


Let’s face it, the Spanish language is a little bit pretentious. Putting ‘El’ in front of everything seems to be the cure all for descriptions. Sitcoms and movies all make the same tired old joke. Every black comedian, who doesn’t have Puerto Rican or Dominican cousins, will reach for it. So when I heard the vocal in this track, I had a good laugh and thought about changing it… But I didn’t. I continued to let it play through, God only knows why. As it moved on, I reminisced on the good ole’ days. When I cared more about the groove, the rhythm, and the beat. Oh the beat, that same generic term almost everyone uses when they listen to a song they inexplicably like but don’t know why. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know why I wanted to play this in front of my bourgeoisie Mexican cousins, posted up in their faux white leather couches, and drive around in Escalades with one burnt-out headlight. I guess I wanted them to hear it because to some extent, I knew they would like it. Plus, I was willing to play it because I knew I could easily mix it into some Pig & Dan without fluxing the ratio.
^^ Alejandro Paz- El House (Sanfuentes Version) ^^

Doorly- Chilli Jam (Original Mix)


Respect your predecessors, Trap kids. Doorly usually funks around with his house mods; but this track is two years old and it’s still relevant. Just went to a house party this past weekend that got pretty out of control in a surprisingly short manner of time. In the middle of a 45 minute wait for the restroom, I heard this song, and couldn’t remember the name of the track for the life of me. It took some serious help from my girl, before I pulled it together. The drum and the isolated flat kick, had me nodding my head to my old ladies statement. This was the back in the day to some. To me, it’s just another happy Saturday.
^^ Doorly – Chilli Jam (Original Mix) ^^

RL Grime- Because of You (Original Mix)


I really like his name because it reminds me of the “Goosebumps” series by R.L. Stein. Then again, I’m pretty sure that’s why Henry Steinway aka Clockwork chose the name as well. Those books were awesome. Plenty of quick chapters and plausible storylines, like an haunted amusement park and a bunch of Lizard creepers that extorted people into poisoning the school populous… See? Believable! I somewhat feel that this tune does the book series justice… althought they’re in no way relevant. The track is fairly subdued, but drives quickly into its lush surging bassline. There’s a common vocal sample in this tune that I’ve heard blasting out of every call center parking lot during quittin’ time. Somehow it didn’t drive me away, cringing at it’s predictability. At first, I didn’t want to like it, because of its faddy overtones. There’s a sweet, familiar aspect to the tune that I found inviting… a call back to the early days of Dubstep.
^^ RL Grime – Because of You (Original Mix)^^

Michael Jackson vs. Quintino & Moti  – Thriller (Alex Dreamz 2013 Club Killers Halloween Mash)


Here’s a little taste of next week. I’m not going to say what, but it has something to do with remixes of a favorite… Wait, did I just say what? Well… at least I didn’t say which song. As for this tune, who doesn’t like “Thriller”.

No… seriously, who?! I’ll kick their bitch ass right now.

This spicy little remix consists of plenty of old and new effects that have been many a party-smashers best friend over the course of the past few years. Just make sure to keep this song away from Techno sets, please. That being said, I’m sure anybody can have fun with this song. Play it out. This is really the only time of the year where it can shine without having some old bastard ask you to play Prince next. I guess if it comes to that, you can play that “Bigger Than Prince” joint. Anyway, you see where I’m going with this.
^^ Michael Jackson vs. Quintino & Moti  – Thriller (Alex Dreamz 2013 Club Killers Halloween Mash) ^^ 

Next week: A Halloween Edition of S.I.G.H. because I’m original like that, yo…

Article By
Raul Chacon

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Raul Chacon is a self aware douchebag, who only listens to artists you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week, instead of class. Eventually, he became as a touring security and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been too; but there are too many holes in his brain at this point.

One thought on “Sometimes I Get Hungry #05

  1. Good piece dear friend,

    I believe all curses can be lifted. I also believe there is some sort of divine intervention preventing you to experience either of these two god like music producers performance (too much, i know). Dharma and Karma my friend, some of us are paying our debts from other life’s. At least that’s part of my belief system. Either way your a smart man from learning from your interventions, but let me ask you this: What if we could regenerate the bad energy into good, are you a believer? Will there be a 7th opportunity be the one where you kick fate in the teeth?

    Hex Alba

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