Last To The Party #02


Hello friends. If anyone’s keeping score, this is my fifth contribution to the Macro Records Blog, and my second edition of ‘Last To the Party’.  I’ve used these posts as a way to express myself creatively as well as share music with you that I’m currently enjoying.

My opinions and suggestions are completely my own and I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about EDM (which for the record, is a term I hate using). But I do passionately love this scene and find that with each coming day, my love for it continues to grow.

Music has helped me discover who I am as an individual. It has allowed me to express myself and grow as a better, more soulful person. It has introduced me to a community of incredible people I would have never otherwise met, and it has aided in the establishment of lifelong friendships. Music in all of its forms, has blessed my life and I would be lost without it.

That being said, I wanted to say thanks for reading. It’s truly appreciated.

Now, the last couple of days I’ve been ruminating (in a comical fashion) on the nuances and characteristics of certain people that I just can’t seem to understand. I’ve also been doing this while enjoying Adventure Club’s new EP. So here it is…. All woven together in all its glory for this weeks ‘Last To the Party’…Enjoy.


There are a few things in this world I just don’t understand.

First of all, I don’t get when a person tells you that they don’t like Ranch Dressing. Without fail, every time it happens, I am blown away. How could you not like the delicious and savory flavour of this treasured salad dressing?

My only rationale is that these people are straight-up freaks.  You see, Ranch tastes great ON everything and WITH everything.

Pizza? Yes.

French Fries? Yes.

Eggs. Oh my GOD, Yesssssss. Don’t shake your head in disgust at this one. Next time you’re frying, scrambling, boiling or basting those delicious little yolks, try adding some Ranch for zest. You’ll be sending your taste buds on a delicious and unexpected flavour adventure that will leave them begging for more.

Another thing I don’t get? “Beliebers”. Anyone else with me here?

Sure, I was a prepubescent 13-year-old girl at one point in my life, and sure, my rationality was skewed in ways that only a teenage girls mind could be. But I can guarantee you this, had I been born just a few years later and smack-dab in the middle of the Justin Bieber pandemic we are currently experiencing, I am almost certain I would have enough sense to see the little punk for what he truly is.

The kid’s a dweeb. His Fruit-of-the-Loom wife beaters and side-greased goldilocks don’t scream anything but lame to me. He’s got his bodyguards to CARRY him across the Great Wall of China. He took a swing at Michael Woods’s Tour Manager, only to flee behind his hired bodyguards- and if that’s not bad enough…both his ears are pierced. I’m sorry, but no matter how hard I try, I just don’t (and never will) get it.

People that don’t have Facebook? Yeah, I don’t get you either. Unless you’re Jason Bourne or Obama… Hell, I’m pretty sure even that guy’s got Facebook. (He does.)

I don’t get people that ACTUALLY PURCHASE Volkswagen Bugs.  The fact that someone would actually spend money on the most ridiculous vehicle ever invented just blows my mind. I’ve always imagined the people driving these cars to be middle-aged cat ladies who eat chicken salad sandwiches and wear Crocs, because no other kind of person would buy this car.

People that don’t like Chocolate? You’re weird, and I don’t get you either. Is an explanation really necessary?

People that use handkerchiefs. Or should I say, old men that use handkerchiefs. I can think of a lot of things that really gross me out, but a man that keeps a dirty rag (one that holds week-old snot and nose debris) in his pocket and continues to reuse it on his FACE, well, that just horrifying to me on every level.

People that can say no to free alcohol. I REALLY don’t understand you, but please…teach me your ways. The less times I have to wake up fully clothed on the bathroom floor, beside a container of week old lunch meat that I found after a vodka fueled raid of the fridge…..the better.

Lastly, people that don’t love Adventure Club…well you’re just as strange as the chocolate-hating, Bieber-loving, hanky rocking aberrations I mentioned above.


I’ll admit, I was a little late to the Adventure Club party. But after I discovered and repeatedly played their ‘Life in Color’ mix, I’ve been a fan ever since. Not only do I appreciate their music for the fun, Dubstep, Electro-madness mayhem that it is, I love that they continually post mixes to their Soundcloud for their fans to enjoy. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is better than free music.

They followed up their ‘Life in Color’ mix (which is still my personal favorite) with ‘Superheroes Anonymous’ Volumes 1 through 3 and now their EP is out, available for purchase on iTunes. Or again, you can listen free on their Soundcloud. The EP includes four tracks – Gold, Wonder, Crash, and Thunderclap.

But as much I dig their new mixes and am loving the new EP, I have to admit…I keep going back to some of their earlier tunes. Their remix of Alexisonfire’sTo A Friend’ still pulls at my heartstrings.
^^ Alexisonfire – To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix) ^^

Their remix of Yuna’s ‘Lullabies’ still gives me full body chills, even after a thousand plays.
^^ Yuna – Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) ^^

Also, here’s one dating back to 2011, for good measure… Their remix of Temper Trap’s ‘Love Lost’. This track scrambled my brain for weeks.
^^ Temper Trap – Love Lost (Adventure Club Remix) ^^

I wish I had been introduced to Adventure Club a lot earlier than I was, although I know most of my friends regularly enjoy their music, there might be a few souls out there still unaware of the duo’s wicked sounds.

So get out there, listen and enjoy all the tunes they have to offer.  Embrace Adventure Club and what they stand for: musical freedom and versatility. If you give it a chance, and end up not loving them…well consider yourself categorized as one of life’s anomalies that I’ll never understand.

Article By
Kassie Mitchell

Kassie Mitchell is an EDM blogger, freelance writer, and all things words and music.
Twitter: @kassieeee

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