I Love Tuesdays #06


The news has made its way on to my feed today.  The first thing I wake up to is reading about how drivers in my home town are getting fined for parking when their cars are in fact, just stopped!  What the Hell?  I’m not sure about you guys but when I’m parked I’m usually waiting for a friend, checking my phone for calls or messages, or maybe taking a light snooze… you know… to recharge my batteries. Point is, if I happen to get ticketed by one of you miscreants, I’ll call the ILT army to battle! You guys would back me up, right? Right???

Parking aside, here are my top 5 songs this week to keep your life in the fast lane, because who really just wants to be parked anyway?

#5 Rubicon 7 – Transitions (Original Mix)


There are times when you just want to slam down a hearty breakfast containing a heavy dose of sunny-side up eggs, 12 slabs of bacon, and as much ketchup as your weak ass heart can handle.  What provokes these odd yet fulfilling thoughts of destroying hunger for the rest of the day…er…eternity… might without a doubt be directly related to Rubicon 7‘s awesome sounding track titled “Transitions“.  It is one part happy, another part bouncy and fun, and four parts badass… despite it’s uplifting overtones, “Transitions” manages to stay afloat with a salty-and-sweet vibe at the same time.  Definitely check this one out- Just make sure to drink a glass of water and go easy on the sodium there, hoss.

^^ Rubicon 7 – Transitions (Original Mix) ^^

#4 Carlos G x 2Pac – Eyes Changed (KL2 Remix)


Breaks.  This is still a relatively new genre to me, but lately I’ve been digging the groovy vibes that it offers.  Breaks manage to get your feet moving because it’s exactly what you might think it is:  a broken beat that drive the song forward relentlessly.  This is quite simply “get-fucked-up and party all night” music.  So what makes this track worthy of the top 5 here at ILT?  Quite simply the fact that it is indeed a remix of Carlos G & 2Pac‘s killer song, “Eyes Changed“. Also, you don’t fuck with the pac… period.  If you’re looking to get that dancefloor filled with booty-shaking gold-diggers then check this little shindig out.  Word on the street is it’s also a free download so go cop it now!

^^ Carlos G x 2Pac – Eyes Changed (KL2 Remix) ^^

#3 Rameses B – Serenity ft. Charlotte Haining


Coffee, Marijuana, Green Tea, Soy Milk, and Cheerios.  I have no idea what any of that has to do with music… and I’m sensing a bit of a theme for this post… either way, I know that they all taste great together.  Food is in so many ways relevant to great music… they’re both things that captivate your senses and fill your soul. Unfortunately, my appetite for music can never be satiated- I truly wish that “Serenity” lasted more then 3 minutes and 58 seconds.  Fortunately for us, there are literally hundreds of emotive tracks around that are capable of just that, as long as you don’t mind wasting five years of your life filtering out all the crap that flows between discovering those tunes.  Do your ears and possibly your soul a solid today and press play to hear voices of angels in the form of Drum & Bass.

^^ Rameses B – Serenity ft. Charlotte Haining ^^

#2 Reece Low – Hoochie (Original Mix)


Man, oh man- ohhhhhh man!  What the Hell has been happening in Melbourne lately?!  It’s almost as if the city itself has jumped off a plane and fell into a portal, that’s now siphoning fucking insane club music out of my monitors!  Reece Low has given us another reason to follow the Melbourne sound avidly. Reece is destroying Soundcloud yet again with his latest offering, aptly titled, “Hoochie“.  I’m not sure if you guys know what that means, so I’ll give you a heads up:  A “Hoochie” is a woman who is defined as being promiscuous or in simplistic terms, a slut!  I understand that titles in the Melbourne genre are typically of an absurd nature (see Deorro & Joel Fletcher‘s “Queef“), but I honestly have no idea as to how one would go about writing a halfway decent song about something as one-dimensional as a “Hoochie” but leave it to Reece Low to take it to the next level.

^^ Reece Low – Hoochie (Original Mix) ^^

#1 DropCityYachtClub – “Crickets” feat. Jeremih


Today is not a normal day.  It’s not normal for two reasons… Remember “Birthday Sex“? Remember how we all thought that that tune was the embodiment of a one hit wonder? Well it seems as if Jeremih has returned.  The ground is finally layered in this funky white stuff that comes from the sky… it looks all to surreal and cold to the touch.  Pigs are quite literally flying outside my window.  On top of that, this track that I’m posting is completely out of the norm of my listening pleasure “comfort zone”.  “Crickets” is straight up something different for me because it’s a Hip-Hop track.  Now here’s the thing, I’m not a Hip-Hop fan, and most likely never will be, but something about “Crickets” managed to capture my attention…  so much so that it has made me write about it; no less put it in the #1 position.  I like this song because the lyrics are something that everyone can relate to.  It’s well worth listening just to hear the lyrics alone!  It also helps that it’s produced extremely well…so yes it’ll make you feel like a gangster in your convertible.

^^ DropCityYachtClub – “Crickets” feat. Jeremih ^^

Article By
Logan Wilson

 Logan Wilson is a DJ, Producer, and Music-Enthusiast from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

 Please direct all questions, comments and concerns with the subject heading:
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