Saturdais #05 – The Return

Saturdais is back at it again. Sorry about not bringing you more awesome tunes last weekend. My blood alcohol levels were too high due to my cousins amazing wedding. This week however, I am back to bring you some more great music for your weekend.


1. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Boostedkids – G.I.P.S.Y (Original Mix)

I hate to sound like a hipster again, but what the hell. I remember when these dudes flew very low on everyone’s radar. I am glad to see they are continuing to do great things and putting out great music. Their newest track G.I.P.S.Y really caught my ear this week. The middle eastern vibe really speaks to the name of the track. Middle Eastern feeling synths bring me back to the feel of my ancestors homeland, Syria. The drop from this track was totally not what I expected, which I think sparked a whole new set of intrigue. Simple, yet  banging, it continues to make use of the awesome middle eastern style synths. I normally hate to showcase tracks that aren’t available for purchase or free to download, but I think this track could be our first exception.

2. Don Diablo – Orgins (Original Mix)

Batman + Don Diablo, what more could anyone possibly ask for. I still feel like Don Diablo (live) was one of the best shows I have ever seen. He engages the crowd so well and puts on amazing performances. His awesome music and great production skills make him one of Electro House’s true powerhouses. He produced the title track for the newest Batman game, Arkham Origins. I still haven’t played Arkham Origins yet but it is really cool to see a name like Don Diablo working together with video game designers to bring together two of the most popular things in the world, EDM & Video Games.

3. Life In Color Radio Ep. 12 – David Solano & Bobby Acosta

Last but not least I have a mix from David Solano & Bobby Acosta to share with you. Solano has proved himself to be a rising star in the industry. This epic Dj mix from him and Acosta helps remind us why that is. It features tracks from Hardwell, Marc One, Adventure Club, Landis and David Solano of course, just to name a few.  You can listen via soundcloud or download so you can take this epic mix with you on your Ipod, Iphone, MP3 player.

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