I Love Tuesdays #07


Brisk Monday mornings…  Something about coming home after the weekend and waking up as early as you can…  I’m talking about waking up right before 6AM when the sun hasn’t even come up yet.  If you’re asking yourself “Why is the sun, where this guy is living, not come up yet?” then you might find that I’m writing “I Love Tuesday’s” up north here in cold Canada.  To be honest it’s not that cold, there’s just snow on the ground and frost on my car, I’m just whining because I miss the summer weather!

Which brings me back to this article!  All of these tracks are exactly why I miss summer.  If you miss the patio drinks, 3 day festival raves, or even just getting naked and jumping into a lake, then please my dear reader, take a look.

#5 Flatland Funk & Voyager USA – Robot ( Original Mix )[Pyramid Recordings] 

Dan Bartake is a resident of Saskatchewan’s finest in music, not to mention amazing electronic music that will make you want to whip your hair in the wind while boarding the titantic and watching it sink to the ocean floor by a big ass ice cube.  Seriously tho’ this guy has mad chops!  If you are longing to relive your drunken escapades while attending the summer’s coolest festival then please give Flatland Funk a listen.  Your shit will literally hit the fan when the “Robot” speaks to you.  This is pure Canadian golden maple-syrup / electro-house right here.

Flatland Funk & Voyager USA – Robot ( Original Mix )[Pyramid Recordings] 

#4 Bassjackers & GRX – Gamer (Original Mix)

In case you guys haven’t been aware, I’m a super crazy video game nerd that loves finding subtle metaphors in electronic music that coincides with spending your whole night killing dragons and pillaging villages.  Also in case that you haven’t been aware Bassjackers and GRX have come out with a brand new song that just eats away at you until you are a pixelated pile of dust.  The song sounds exactly like as if you were “Mario” in those spooky castle levels, where the ghost’s attack you making you feel as if you should have just waited outside. (damn those levels were hard!) If you ever had a night where you just stayed in and wired your brain to the TV and game controller then this one is for you.

Bassjackers & GRX – Gamer (Original Mix)

#3 Hirshee – Release Yourself

Summer time blues got you down?  Do you miss the fast paced summer you had while you danced the night away with your best friends and puked it all up in the morning, only to get back at it again because it was just that much fun?  Yeah I know you said yes so I bring you this great contraption in audio form that attacks you with an onslaught of perfected synthesized sounds and crushing tones with a sweet rollin’ vocal line.  Yeah this track is doing it real nice for me. Damn I hate winter.

Hirshee – Release Yourself

#2 Evido – Elysium (Detox Remix) [Cloudland Music]

I don’t know about you guys but I feel that the best days of summer were when it was a super hot day and you would sit outside, relax and throw on your headphones and let your music do the talking while you stare into the clouds. Thoughts of wonder and excitement provoking your interest.  I really feel that trance music allows me to bring on these thoughts of relaxation easier.  Now let’s take the dreamy feel of trance and merge it with the high energy crazy shit of Transformers and Decepticons battling on Cybertron and we get this track.  Oh and it also helps that this guy is from Calgary, AB.  Good shit!


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