New Song, New World #02

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Romantic or otherwise, our lives are filled with relationships…

In our formative years, they may be more basic in nature – a friendship could be formed over the sharing of a cookie or with a kind face that agrees to sit beside you on the way to school. Your boyfriend or girlfriend could have been chosen simply because they shared their toy with you.

Eventually, these relationships become more complex. As we move closer to adulthood, our feelings towards people become deeper. We set standards for our friends and for what we expect from them. We look to specific people in our lives for emotional support. We lean on these trusted connections for love, security and assurance. We lean on these people because we trust them.

We all fall in love and almost always, at one point or another, it gets messy. I speak from personal experience when I say that the most common reason love becomes hard to maintain is because people change. You meet someone and it’s all you can do not to be around them every second of your existence. When they touch you, your heart races. When they look into your eyes, you’re almost sure their looking into your soul and when they tell you they feel the same things you feel, you’re pretty sure you’re experiencing the purest form of happiness.

But sometimes people change. As we progress in these kindred relations, we also progress as individuals. We change our preferences, we develop new habits and we think about the world differently as we experience new things. And sometimes, these differences in personality can push two lovers apart. You reach out, trying to hold on to the person you once knew but life and circumstance pull them away.

Our connections with our parents become infused with respect. When we were younger we loved with no exceptions. When we grew older, we doubted, we yelled – we wished for emancipation. But when we grew older even still, we saw our parents for the individuals that they were. We saw them as people with flaws but with greater wisdom than we could ever hope to accumulate and so, we felt renewed respect for the people that so graciously brought us into this world.

Life throws us in the face of social interaction and forces us to exchange words, thoughts, ideas and feelings. When people we consider close to us hurt us, we break. We feel a loss of sense because we entrusted those people with our hearts. When we meet a kindred spirit that impacts our life in the most remarkable way, we are renewed and we flourish.

In the end, it’s a messy game and sometimes the players get hurt…but the rewards are ever abundant and so we continue to play.

I was on my way to work last week and I let my music player randomly select my soundtrack for the drive. As certain songs began to play, I found myself reflecting on the relationships in my life and it suddenly dawned on me – a substantial amount of music in my repertoire was there because of certain people I had met and even more importantly, almost every song in my library reminded me of someone from my past.

It seems to me that with each relationship, regardless of their outcome, I have gained music simply because of their presence in my life.

When I was much younger and startlingly more naive, I use to marvel comically with friends about past boyfriends. I remember saying that I never really lost anything because at least I had gained “new beats.” And now I know this to be absurd – I have experienced (at least in my mind) titanic-sized, earth-shattering, soul-crushing heartbreak and I have lost loves that the sphere of my entire existence rested upon. But there is a glimmer of truth in my earlier sentiments and it is that with each of these pains I have indeed gained a new tune, a new sound and a new appreciation for different types of music.

So with that thought I give you five tracks I’ve been listening to the last couple of weeks that I think are great and I think you will agree. And although these tracks are new, they remind me of old friends and in one particular case, an old love and sometimes… it’s nice to remember.

The Music…

5. Ce3sar – Lakota (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

iBluestone has done it again. After tracks like ‘Capetown’ and ‘Sinai’ I thought it was virtually impossible to top the power and intimacy one could feel with sound…until now. He uses tribal-like vocals with deep-reaching piano triads to create a unique and progressive sound. This track is deservedly featured on Universal Religion Chapter 7 and remains as one of my favorite songs this year.

^^ Ce3sar – Lakota (Ilan Bluestone Remix) ^^

4. Tritonal feat. Pheobe Ryan – Now or Never (Original Mix)

It’s Pheobe’s breathy vocals that make this tune what it is. Well that and the sneaky little drop Tritonal works in at 1:42. This is a feel-good tune and the remixes are already abundant.

^^ Tritonal feat. Pheobe Ryan – Now or Never (Original Mix) ^^

3. Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy – Sun in the Winter (KhoMha remix)

I love when old favorites of mine are remixed and remixed well. I’ve always been a huge fan of KhoMha’s. His dark style of trance has made for mind-blowing performances, two of which I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. This remix still keeps Neev’s vocals as the star of the song, while under laying it with the power we recognize as KhoMha’s sound.

^^ Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy – Sun in the Winter (KhoMha Remix) ^^


2. iBluestone and Jerome Isma-Ae – Under My Skin (Original Mix)

Another iBluestone track that I’ve loved for months. I was reminded of it when I listened to Above &Beyond’s set from ABGT 050. It rushes, it pounds, it makes you feel its power. It’s an exceptional song and one you should be sure to download.

^^ Ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma-Ae – Under My Skin (Original Mix) ^^

1. Myon & Shane 54 ft. Amy Pearson – Hurricane (MS54 In Search Of Sunrise Mix)

My love for Myon and Shane 54 is unmatched. Their sound is magnificent. It’s unique – it’s birds soaring through the air, waves lapping at the sand and clouds forming in the sky. It’s perfect.

Nothing is worse than turning on a song and thinking of someone who you’d rather not. It happens to me all the time. If I chose to excommunicate every song in my musical library because it reminded me of someone from the past, well I’d have no songs left. Instead I choose to embrace those songs and the songs of the future. Love will come and go and so will people. Let them impact your life and impart their melody in your ears.

^^Myon & Shane 54 ft. Amy Pearson – Hurricane (MS54 In Search of Sunrise Mix) ^^

Article By
Kassie Mitchell

Kassie Mitchell is an EDM blogger, freelance writer, and all things words and music.
Twitter: @kassieeee 

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