I Was Just Thinking… #02

Macro Records Blog - I was just thinking

In 2006, I discovered a song called ‘As the Rush Comes.’ I had asked a friend for help finding new music and she recommended it, along with a handful of other tunes. After scouring the internet and downloading most of her suggestions (which also included tracks by the likes of Lisa Lashes and the formidable Robbie Rivera), I had my first ever electronic music CD.

After a few months, I eventually overplayed every song except for one – Tiesto’s, ‘As the Rush Comes’.  You see, dance music wasn’t a part of my repertoire growing up. I had heard the occasional “techno” track in high school but as far as that particular brand of music was concerned, I thought it was repetitive and yes, I’ll admit it…boring. Of course, I made these assumptions fast and based on little substance or personal research. So Tiesto was an unknown identity to me and so was his music.

I loved that CD so much that I made a request to my friend for more of the same kind of music. She was delighted to oblige. I even began to do some investigating of my own. I wanted to find more music like this, especially tracks that made me feel like ‘As the Rush Comes’ did. When I discovered the In Search of Sunrise compilations, it was like I had struck gold. I began to immerse myself in everything that was Tiesto.

It wasn’t just Tiesto, I began to unscrupulously devour. I soon stumbled upon Armin Van Buuren, Gabriel and Dresden, Kyau and Albert, Ferry Costen, Cosmic Gate…I had found an undeniable passion for trance music and Tiesto had been my guide. I scoured his past records, finding incredible anthems like ‘Flight 643,’ ‘Love Comes Again,’ ‘Suburban Train,’ ‘Lethal Industry,’ ‘Traffic,’ and ‘Adagio for Strings.’ I can only describe these songs as masterpieces, tracks that made my heart race, play after play.

In 2009, Tiesto released Kaleidoscope and although it ventured slightly off the path of his earlier work, I still felt a strong appreciation for his sound. I listened to that album non-stop for months and when it eventually stopped working in my CD player, I bought a new copy without hesitation. Songs like ‘Escape Me,’ ‘Here on Earth’ and ‘Century’…all incredible dance tunes and all infused with the characteristic power that Tiesto was known to so many for.

And then Tiesto veered right off the trance trails by starting the Club Life series we’re all familiar with. Sure, tracks like ‘C’mon’ and ‘Maximal Crazy’ were great party songs, but I found myself longing for the feelings I experienced when listening to his earlier productions. I wanted to feel those steady progressions, the breathtaking drops and monstrous chords. Instead, Club Life filled my music library with party starting club anthems – music I no longer connected with.

I was not alone either. Countless fans expressed their desire for him to return to his trance roots, to produce the type of music that made us all fall in love with him in the beginning. They wanted the Tiesto that created beautiful, highly crafted pieces like ‘Just Be,’ and ‘In the Dark,’…not the man that collaborated with Sean Kingston and Three 6 Mafia.

And now he’s finally done it. Tiesto released ‘iTrance’ a little over three weeks ago featuring The Disco Fries, who many Macro fans most likely know about and I was almost too scared to listen. We’ve all waited for things in life only to find ourselves in the throes of disappointment after it failed to meet our expectations. I was scared I wouldn’t love it. I was scared nothing could ever be what ‘As the Rush Comes’ was for me. But I pressed play anyways, because it was Tiesto and how could you not?

I was hesitant at first. I didn’t like the name and I was afraid the song would match. But I listened and I pondered and then I listened again. I continued hitting play, again and again and I soon realised that this was a song I could get behind. I heard that old, yet not forgotten Tiesto Trance peeking through the middle. It was exciting.

It may not be another ‘As the Rush Comes’ but I believe it is a sign of things to come. Could another song be forthcoming? Maybe even an album? Hey, a girl can only dream, right?

But don’t take my word for it…what does everyone else think of Tiesto and The Disco Fries latest kick at the Trance bucket?

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