Saturdais #07


Here we are again. Another wonderful Saturday with some really great music. This week I’m going to be showcasing 3 of my favorite Macro Records tracks as we prepare for our first installment of Macro Night coming Fri Nov 22. in our Hometown, El Paso,TX. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

1. Futurizm – Sunrise (Future Jungle Mix)

Macro Records has always prided itself not only on releasing quality music, but having a wide selection and eclectic catalog. This track by the UK gent known as Futurzim is no exception to that outook. A strange yet pleasing mixture of Jungle, DnB, and Breaks comes together in this track to create a sound very unique to Futurizm. It’s an ode to Dance music old and new.


2. Atticus & Mikep – Inception (Matthew Gold Remix)

When it comes to Progressive/Tech/Minimal I look to one place when I’m seeking the utmost satisfaction, Matthew Gold. Known for his great Remix work on Macro Records, Matthew Gold is an artist you should really watch out for. All his tracks are expertly arranged, all like one seamless thought that ultimately melds with your brainwaves. He has yet to disappoint, and this Remix is definitely one of my favorite Progressive House tunes. Listen & Enjoy 🙂


3. WAT – Delicious (Original Mix)

True creativity is something hard to come by these days, WAT however doesn’t conform to that statement. When I first heard “Delicious” I wasn’t quite sure what I was hearing, all I knew was that I loved it. It felt like it could part of some epic scene in a Michael Bay movie where someone is strutting away from massive explosions in the background. A flawless blend of Rock/Indie-Dance/Disco and many other interesting elements.


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