Welcome Back! Kastra – Move Your Feet (Original Mix) Out NOW on Beatport!

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Hello once again everyone! As Owner and Co-Founder of Macro Records I wanted to be the first to welcome you back to the Macro Records Blog. These past four years since the inception of the label have been truly amazing. It has been an honor to cater to the fans of the EDM community and Artists alike. We have had an amazing run, which we hope to keep going. Our recent re branding and expanding have all been centered around one goal, ‘Macro’ as a way of life. The revival of this blog is key to keeping all the other mechanisms that are ‘Macro’ working and churning out thoughtful and entertaining content. A simple, yet powerful way for anyone looking to stay connected with everything Macro Records has to offer. I have quite a bit to talk about today, including; Macro Records’ newest release from Kastra titled “Move Ur Feet”, The newly conceived Macro Records official podcast “The Macrocast”, The new and updated Macro Records official website, and the new ‘LetsPlay’ division of Macro Records.

Move Ur Feet [ART] (Blog-Website)

The New Jersey powerhouse known only as Kastra has finally graced Macro Records and our fine listeners with a tune fitting the name Macro Records. Making waves is usually a good way to get noticed, and Kastra knows all about that. His sound offers something unique yet extremely refined. His release on Macro Records lives up to that reputation. “Move Ur Feet” is a club banger, sure to set fire to any dancefloor. Seamlessly flowing synthwork really give this track the polish all too common in Kastra’s work. 80’s leads and a powerful bassline really help this track come into its own. “Move Ur Feet has also been premiered on EDM.com, who are known for their awesome genre-specific divisions; dubstep.net, house.net, trap.net, etc. Thanks to them for all the support. Be on the lookout for more hot music coming out of Macro Records Spring/Summer. You can pick up “Move Ur Feet” on Beatport via the link below.

>> Beatport <<

The Macrocast (logo) 600x600 (BLOG)

I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so i’ll keep these next couple segments short. If you haven’t heard, we recently put together our own Macro Records podcast. “The Macrocast” is your source for news and entertainment with the minds behind Macro Records. Join us once a week as we discuss everything from news, current events, movies, tv, video games,  music, and a lot more.




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If you haven’t heard the name ‘MacroPLAY’, then get used to it. You will be hearing it a lot more from us. MacroPLAY is the new LetsPlay division of Macro Records. What’s a LetsPlay? A LetsPlay is an interactive Video Game Playthrough/Review that you can watch on Youtube. Not only can you pick our brains by listening to The Macrocast, but you can hang our with us everyday as we have fun playing all sorts of Video Games. The three series that we have been focusing on most lately include; South Park: The Stick of Truth on Xbox 360, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 on PS3, and Rayman Legends on WiiU. Don’t forget to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!


We have been working on giving you one solid platform to connect with everything Macro Records has to offer. It can be found HERE on our Official Website. Connect with our Music, Store, Blog, Podcast, and LetsPlay aspects all in one place.  Let us know if you have any suggestions, we will be constantly updating and making our website as useful and effective as possible. Thanks for all the support, we look forward to bringing more entertainment into your life.

Written By: Alexander Madsen

Please send all questions, comments, and concerns about this article to: alex.macrorecords@gmail.com  subject: Welcome Back

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