Saturdais #08 – The Return



Hello Everyone! It’s awesome to finally be welcoming you guys back to Saturdais. As the Macro Records Blog continues with its relaunch, Saturdais is the next and final segment to return to our loyal readers. To be honest, I’ve already talked all your ears off this week. With my press release, and Elder Srolls Online article, I’ve written more this week then I could’ve hoped. That doesn’t mean we’re stopping though. This week on Saturdais, we head back to our roots, with 3 ridiculously amazing Electro House tracks. Without further ado, lets get into it.

1. SLDGHMR & Crywolf – We Could Be Heaven (Original Mix)

To be honest, i’ve never even heard about these two powerhouses, but I’m glad to have found them. SLDGHMR & Crywolf really bring a fresh perspective to the world of rinsed-out electro with this tune. I really loved the vocals, they are what made the track for me. I love female vocals with a little bit of spunk, not everything has to be airy and pretty. Which is why I love that the vocals in this track are a bit grungy and packed with spunk. Overall, I can confidently recommend this track for your weekend playlist.

Laforcah – Distortion (Original Mix)

To be honest, I’m not sure where these new artists are coming from. In all honesty, I don’t mind it. Keep the fresh music coming! I’m not sure if this was Laforcah’s intention, but I feel like this track could almost spearhead the revival of Trash Electro and other harder forms of Electro. Although the drop offers those heavier hitting and grimey bass tones, the verses of this track offer the main-room big-room time synth percussion that everyone is so entranced by now a days.

Pegboard Nerds – Hero (Original Mix) feat. Elizaveta

Hmmmm…. Not quite sure this is even Electro, but what the fuck. Pegboard Nerds have recently taking over the mantle of the Electro House scene. Their style has been dominating the charts, and their massive amount of tour dates is another reason why these guys know what they’re doing. At first when this track dropped, I was about to shut it off. Pegboard Nerds flawlessly tricked me into believing that they had made some sort of Hardstyle track, and that’s what I was about to listen to five minutes of. Hardstyle that evolves into Dubstep/Electro vice-versa. This track really showcases the boundless versatility that Pegboard Nerds bring to the table. After all that, 4 minutes in we were introduced to an amazing vocal track. Something soulful and yet  has faint qualities of some sort of Dirge. All of which draws end to another awesome tune by Pegboard Nerds.

Well, that’s it for this weeks edition of Saturdais. We’ll see you all next time.

Article by: Alexander Madsen

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