Sometimes I Get Hungy #10

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Did you have fun at SXSW? I hope you did. Me? I didn’t go. Really, I couldn’t. Didn’t want to do that whole merry-go-round of not sleeping and not showering. My brief period living in Austin landed on a South By. It was ok. Let twelve friends crash, on and off of a three week period. There were offers to go this year, a lot of them from people who I let crash at my apartment that year. I didn’t take them because musical journeys have lost their some of their magic. At some point, the road trips lost their luster.

Now, I’m going to blame most of these problems on myself. Mainly, it’s the fact that I can’t get excited for a festival until I see the line-up. The whole line-up. That’s just an unfortunate effect of having been to the previous fests that I have. Yes, there was a mystery; uncanny only to that of going to SXSW and not knowing half of the artists I was about to see. That is wonderful part of the music festival odyssey, but having to reserve a ticket, before I get to see one headliner announced, sounds a bit desperate. Although, I probably won’t end up with the picks I strategically chose to make my experience as prime as possible, I still want to be able to make somewhat of a plan. This way, if one of the crew is lost, or if one selection isn’t that great, there’s always a set place to go next. Plus, it takes out the wondrous research phase of line-up browsing. I’d never ever know who some of my favorite bands or artists are without scouting through the early hours of a festival line-up.

If I can’t go to big festivals, then I’m only left with going to unrooted, inaugural festivals. Well, I had already made this decision, long before seeing the frenzy of people buying up Electric Daisy and Coachella tickets like wagon wheels. It seems that everyone’s going on gold rush dreams. Which makes me sound pretentious because I won’t travel long ways for anything in it’s second or third year run. I felt the same way about Rock the Bells or Movement just a little way ago. Now, I won’t go near them. Maybe I got too much of that Lewis and Clark “Spirit of Adventure” in me. Mainly, I just want to get there before all the people with rickets and dysentery show up with their Oregon Trail, sad stories about Susie getting a snake bite on their way over.

But I’m just a part of the main problem too. If I had a chance to go to Fabric or Glastonbury, I’d go in a heartbeat, without seeing the line-up. I’d go because I’ve seen all the amazing performances from years past and the great stories I’ve heard. These are great experiences that make me go to a new festival. These would be the memories that I also came back and share, which make the next year non traversable. The memories attract more people and the problem continues. Well, at least Low End Theory Festival looks good this year…

This Week In Music: After some doubt on if I would continue to go to as many shows as I’ve been maintaining, I finally got some motivation on continuing. Besides staying current for my writing aptitude, of course. There were a couple of intimate shows that came though and I’m really thankful for them. Those make the experience worthwhile. Plus I don’t like to be huddled together in a rolling boll of sweaty kids fighting for a position to see the lasers. These tiny shows are my bread and butter. Most of these tracks, I hope sure you to connect with somebody you play them for. That’s the real reason I write these anyways. And yes, they’re still all FREE for download.

Detroit Grand Pumbaas- (Justin James Grub Take)

Such a compelling take on modern Techno. This definitely ate the party alive. It touched on the nominal traits of Techno, just ever so faintly, as to appease the different tastes of the audience as a whole. It would be a treat to hear it live again, if just for the reaction of the crowd.

Samo Sound Boy- Open (Motions Remix)

Every new EP deserves some good remixes.  “Open/Divide” got some in house treatment by one of its own, Motions, recent addition to the label. With some Indie/ Dance synth leading into more of a Dance based House, the tune plays up some traditional ways of starting any segment into slow takeover of a sound. The ending is a bit much for me, but who of us play the whole song anymore… that was a joke. If you’re a vinyl aficionado, the presale for the pressing is up now.


DJ JMP- David Bowie- Dance (Remix)

So we all love David Bowie, and if you don’t you should stay quiet about it. They will hang you if you say a bad word against the Patron Saint of Modern Indie. And we know who they are, the Hipster Elite. The ones that are going to either share your page out of kindness or secretly share it out of spite. I can never tell with them anymore. Irony is a fickle street. There would be no way I would post a bad remix of Mr. Bowie either. This one keeps the vocals true, taking a little more upbeat away from the more famous flash and glitter of the song. It’s a real homage to the old Discotech Jockeys, who would have loved to be able to play with the gadgets we have around today.

Rich The Kid- Jumpin (Jerftuz Remix)

Sometimes I’m accused of being prejudice towards certain types of music. Now I’m not very fond of predictable forms of music. I find this amazing because the people who accused me of such behaviors, had a Trap debate last year. The year before that; they had one about Dubstep. Now, if I have to discuss Bass genres, my preferences will usually have a Funk background or a Gangsta Rap origin, that’s just me. I could play around with the other influences, but I just don’t enjoy them as much as a solid bassline, with sprinkle of excessively fanciful lyrics. Jerftuz has plenty of adorable remixes, but he seems to be coming out of that phrase. Plenty of his newer remixes are Heavy Hood, and I dig it.

Really, what I’m having a hard time with, are the seemingly endless cross sections of certain genres. Where it’s getting really hard, is being shown a subpar remix, and watching people go wild for the same generic formula. If you’re going to go crossover, there’s an unfortunate fine line you don’t have to cross to be good. Now there’s plenty of ways to do it. We’ll discuss some of them next week.

Raul Chacon is a self-aware douchebag, who only listens to bands you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week, instead of class. Eventually, he became as a touring security and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been too; but there’s too many holes in his brain at this point

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