Saturdais #09 – Total Recall


As much as I would love to say this article is about 3 breasted women and extremely creepy virtual/split reality.. it’s not. Since the inception of Saturdais we’ve touched on a multitude of genres. It has always been a genre-centric piece, where we would focus on a new genre every week. Some might say there are too many genres, some might say there are too few. This week, I decided to do something a little bit different. I’m going to delve into the back catalog abyss that calls the Macro Records Blog home, all to find 3 of my favorite tracks ever featured on the blog.

1. WAT – Delicious (Original Mix)

This will be my third time featuring this track on the blog, and to tell the truth, I don’t really care. :p Not only did it release on none other than Macro Records, I consider it a revolutionary take on Indie-Dance. It draws elements from Disco House, Deep House, Breaks, Garage, and pretty much anything else that’s out there. It’s a fusion of music unlike most that I’ve heard.

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2. Blondie – Call Me (Pelussje Remix)

Remixing Blondie requires that you come out with some really hot stuff. Not just any remix of Blondie is going to cut it for people. I said it the first time this article was featured, and I’ll say it again, I LOVE PELUSSJE! The first time these guys set foot on the scene and I heard some of their work, I was awestruck. Cutting edge dance music, that still is relevant and guaranteed to slay on the dancefloor. In the words of #MRB Author Gabriel Barrio: “What else can I say, suddenly everything 80’s is new again.”

3. Lil Wil – Bust It Wide Open (Crizzly Remix)

Another one of the great artists who has been making some serious moves over the past few years is, Crizzly. We first featured this track on the Blog 3 years ago, and in my opinion; it still bumps just as hard. A perfect way to end Saturdais as we “bust it wide open” for next weeks article. See you guys next time.

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