Take Me Away #04

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The focus of our eyes flickers on and off. The room is in between light and dark, a badly connected fluorescent bulb shining, and then not. Feet shuffle along the floor uncertain, unaware of a proper walkway out of the room, hands against the wall to stabilize the self. The door way is reached, fingers reach out to grasp a brass knob there in front, somewhere, just seen a moment ago and now cloaked in darkness. The fingers wrap around the door handle and twist pulling the door open, light floods through the crack of the doorway and into the darkness. Emergence, a body, the light, a person stands in the warmth of light as it bathes the whole body. This is where it is heading.

Never is there a time in which Electronic music should see the sun set on its empire, but as with all good things they are said to come to an end. This is also considering that many forms of art that people have become enamored with eventually change, disappear or turn into a commodity. Have any or all of these things happened with electronic music already? It can certainly be argued that electronic music has already evolved into something much different than it was in the 90’s and the purists from the underground loathe the direction it has gone in. Has electronic music become a commodity? The venues for electronic music festivals have grown exponentially and almost every small metropolitan city on up has an electro scene that seems to be growing daily. If anything it’s changing, becoming more complex, there are avenues of thought that seek to reduce the electronic music to it minimalist heyday and there are individuals who are pushing the envelope and creating new forms of art out of what is still an electronic form of music. Is this the era in which electro starts moving towards something new, is the evolution of electro?

Although this music duo is still considered part of the electro genre the music has a feel that it might just be one of the groups to move the genre forward into something new. Peking Duk started in Australia back in 2010 and is comprised of Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles-Richards. They have released on labels such as Vicious Bitch, Dim Mak, Mixmash Records, and WMG. They have performed at festivals like; Falls Music & Arts Festival, Splendour in The Grass, Parklife Music Festival and Shorething. This is a particularly interesting track of Peking Duk’s and you can hear a newness that has a potential for the adaptation of new musical stylings and to further evolve past the origin of the genre.

Another group or artist collective that is pushing the boundaries of genre and adapting to the new musical environment is RAC. RAC is known as Remix Artist Collective. It’s a large number or artists from the international music scene that remix, re-interpret, recreate rock music, dance tracks, and electronica tracks to create something that is new, but also keeps in contact with the original track. All in the goal of expanding on the original artist’s ideas and musical understandings. The group was founded in 2007 by Andre Allen Anjos, Andrew Maury, and Karl King. They have remixed tracks from artists such as Kings of Leon and Lana Del Rey, to Death Cab For Cutie and Two Door Cinema Club. Since the majority of the work is remix and recreation the tracks are not generally released on any label. Here is a track that shows the versatility of the work RAC does, it is not only an 80’s renaissance track but also it still fits in well with the electronica genre as well as interspersing rock elements to create something strange, unique and in a complex way, futuristic.


The last band group we are going to talk about today is doing something entirely different, or they just might be tapping into a realm of music that is not oft sought. They are eerie and almost abrasive, with its odd vocals, but somehow they tie in everything to create this imaginative sound that is burgeoning into new grounds and actualizing the futuristic ideas of what music can achieve.

Alt-J, the name alone is a reference to the symbol that can be created on a mac computer operating system, ∆, by pressing alt-j. Interestingly enough, the band does not identify as an electro group, but rather an Indie rock band. Their only studio album titled “An Awesome Wave” was released in 2012 on the label Infectious Music. The track titled “Tessellate” is a particular favorite of mine, with its odd juxtaposition of imagery that would generally be relegated to the mainstream rap world’s music videos. This alone shows creativity and evolution. The mixture of electronic elements as well as traditional Indie rock elements is omething that isn’t new but approached in a new manner. They have performed at a large number of festivals but most notable are; Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, and Glastonbury all in 2013. Their music has been featured on a variety of popular TV shows as well. So if you haven’t heard them, you very well need to. If the electronic genre is to expand, I am certainly hoping this is what takes electronic music away from the origins of the species.

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